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shamus young

Feb 10, 1999, 4:04pm
I saw a message sometime ago from someone claiming to have gotten the SDK to
somehow work with VB. I really didn't think this was possible but would
love to be proven wrong by some Very Clever Person.

I've just run into a situation where getting the two to work together would
save me a huge ammount of work.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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archon manus

Feb 10, 1999, 7:07pm
There is a VB-SDK that is a DLL written by MrGrimm. It is basically a
wrapper for the AW-SDK that makes it VB friendly. Unfortunately it hasn't
been updated since AW-SDK v10 and I have not seen MrGrimm on lately. Last we
spoke he said he was planning to keep it in sync, but this hasn't happened.
.. .he also mentioned that he was going to ask Roland if the AW-SDK could be
made VB friendly, since the code changes (reportedly) are minor. (Roland,
has he contacted you? Are you aware of the changes that need made? I'm not
sure what the changes would involve, but if you need someone to research it,
I'd be happy to pass on what I can find out.)

Another issue with the VB-SDK is that MrGrimm mentioned a bug in his wrapper
for aw_query().

So, to sum up, Shamus. . .
- The VB-SDK is available at
(click on Bots to the left)
- There are some issues with using it
- If some changes are made to the AW-SDK, it can be made VB friendly
(Roland, can this be done at this late date? I know there are plenty of
VB programmers who'd like to use it)

Archon Manus

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Feb 10, 1999, 9:44pm
Young Shamus, where ya been,

Yes some one has got them together I use it and compiled a greeting bot.

I can't remember who did it, god it's hard when you get old :( But it does
work you have to use aw.dll ver 10

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tammy jo

Feb 14, 1999, 4:09am
I would Love to see the SDK made user friendly. It would allow Ima Genius to
be revealed as not so Genius like.


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