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Jan 18, 2001, 7:26pm
I am training to be a certified graphics artist, and i want to start making
graphics for towns and worlds, to whoever requests it, would it be a good
idea or a waste of my time???????


Jan 18, 2001, 9:36pm
If you're training, go at it. Also, I'll take a logo to put on stickers on
my comp cases LOL. WING Systems. Red or gold on black background. Now THAT
would make an awesome addition to my collection (AMD Duron stickers,
Hercules decals, Baltimore Ravens logos)
This little spot is dedicated to my girl, Jessie.
It's a CLOSED beta ya morons.
AW Citizen 305004 "Wing"
bathgate at
eyemwing at
ICQ #101207433
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