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Mar 28, 2000, 8:41pm
well, I can't seem to get the thing to work. Do I have to clone the program
that I have running, maybe that's where I'm confused. I tried to use it to
open OW while iwas in EV and AW...

[View Quote] > As with the above posts, the beta tests are completed and I am now
> releasing the cloner for public use. The link is
> Be advised there is no
> real documentation, save a thrown togther Advanced users instructions.
> It's self explanitory however, load the program and press auto-clone,
> and you will figure it out. Please tell me how it goes. If you dont know
> what this does, It's basically running 6 AW's at the same time. These
> "clones" are controlled by a GUI.
> Here's some things you can do:
> 1. Make your unpopular world look much more popular by adding 5 more
> users.
> 2. Be in multiple worlds and not look like a bot.
> 3. Fill up a world so others cant join
> 4. Make them all talk at the same time
> 5. Have a little "gang" of tourists to "back you up"
> Please post how this goes, as i have not realeased this on my site yet,
> only this newsgroup. Thanks.
> -Concept

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