Has this happened to you ? (General Discussion)

Has this happened to you ? // General Discussion

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Jan 12, 2003, 5:43pm
The other day ORB and I were putting long tags on a xaw2.rwx sign. We were
doing this with no spaces to get the max of letters. Well anyway we both
started having AWshut down on us and would restart it. Every time our
cursor fell on that sign it crashed the AW program. Theonly way I was able
to reclaim the land was to delete the sign quickly . It took me 7 tries to
do that. We were using WIN VER 4 NT Pent 3 and WIN 98se AMD-K6 3D
processors, both have 256 RAM. NT OS has had no trouble with running AW
or anything else. The 98se OS never had problems with running any version
of AW until this. Has this been noted before? How many have crashed in AW
each day because of this? Is there limit of letters you are allowed put on
a sign and is there hole in the program?


Jan 13, 2003, 5:47pm
I think i have had a similair problem but that might have been crashes
caused by extreme lag.

I can't really diagnose what's causing it - but if it happens in future, i
suggest building a walk under the sign then holding ctrl when you right
click it so that it selects every object in the cell. that way you can
delete the sign without holding your mouse over it.

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