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hear everything // Wishlist

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the derek

Jul 31, 2002, 9:12pm
why dont we have an option for chat in the world to be sent to everyone?
this way we wouldnt have to waste a third of our bot limit to have people to
be able to talk to other people across the world. Plus without an option to
see everyone in the world its wierd not being able to SEE who youre talking

lord fett

Jul 31, 2002, 9:55pm
The option to see everyone in the world has been added in AW 3.4. For the
hearing everyone, not sure when that will be added.

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zeo toxion

Jul 31, 2002, 10:14pm
I don't think it lets you see everyone in the world. It only does that for
people within range, its just they dont have to talk for you to be able to
see them.

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lord fett

Jul 31, 2002, 10:22pm
oh yea, i was thinking the wrong thing

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Aug 1, 2002, 6:49pm
Dang it, i hate it when i click the wrong button, o well.....

Umm....errr...well don't you like challenges? I think thats probably the fun
part about AW...its one BIG challenge, >8~) Yea, that is kinda dumb, CTs
should be able to login as global mode.

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