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a smart way of making a bot walk randomly around

May 15, 2001, 11:35pm
Hey KAH!

Here's how to do it. I'm not going to go into the walking part of all of it,
cause that is complex and hard to explain, but u can get that else where. So
here is the random. Two ways...

1. Just plain random...
You do this(for VB)
X = int(rnd * xlimit) - xlimit2
Z = int(rnd * zlimit) - zlimit2

then have the bot walk to that place

The xlimit is the MAX east/west. It is measures in CM, so take the W/E *
1000. and remeber it is MAX so if the world is p-20 and u want the limit
around the world then it would be 40000, yes 40000, cause its 20 * 1000 *
( this allows the bot to go not only west, but east) it is the same for
zlimit(only W/E is N/S)

The xlimit2 and zlimit2 is just half the xlimit and zlimit, this is
completion of the code that allows the bot to go from -20000 to 20000(if the
world is P-20)

2. U pick random. This is for worlds where the ground is really bumpy, or
filled. U make a large list of places where the bot will go to and have the
bot come up with a random number from 0 to the amount of loctions u have -
1. Using this method u can control the places the bot will go while still
having a sense of random. The first method will make the bot walk right
through some walls, so this method is recomended for perfection.

Hope I helped!

Remeber to check out USWF_PBL( the bot is still in debugging so please
report ANY bugs or comments to Billybob or Lord Fett) THANK YOU!

a smart way of making a bot walk randomly around

May 15, 2001, 11:37pm
if u really want to know how to make bots walk and have a timed walk(so it
does run like a mad man at 300,000km/s(the speed of light)) just TGram me
Billybob, and i can help u.

Running the SDK, from a diffrent form

May 15, 2001, 11:43pm
Just do a test in the main form to make sure u ARE logged in before the
second form trys. Second it should be
frmMain.sdk.AwMyX = awmyx.text

lol. And if that don't work then i can't say anymore without total

Detecting a Object Click, and Verafying it.

May 15, 2001, 11:50pm
Anwser: well the sdk_object_click event does not give the AwObjectAction
back, it only gives AW_AVATAR_SESSION

so u would have to search through a list of objects u queried for that
object(by object number) and then use that to get the action.

AwWait in C++

Mar 12, 2002, 1:10am
It all depends. If you are using message mapping, then timer is the best
way. If you do a message loop then just have it do aw_wait(0); whenever
there are no messages to handle.


Jan 25, 2002, 2:15am
First of all, I'm not even sure if the 5x5 Query works in VB...I tryed
myself but it failed.....second, all of the "1"s in the EventCellBegin sub
need to be changed to "2"....

Private Sub sdk_EventCellBegin()
Dim X As Long, Z As Long
XCell = sdk.AwCellX
ZCell = sdk.AwCellZ
X = sdk.AwSectorFromCell(XCell) - XSector
Z = sdk.AwSectorFromCell(ZCell) - ZSector
If (X < -2 Or X > 2 Or Z < -2 Or Z > 2) Then
Exit Sub
End If
m_seq(Z + 2, X + 2) = sdk.AwCellSequence
End Sub

if you don't do this then it will query forever. Also make sure m_seq has
enough space....(5)(5)


Jan 25, 2002, 2:17am
I have that myself and it isn't too good. Make sure you are putting the
preprocessor command, "AW_STATIC". See if you can find Microsoft C++, that
would be better. It's not free though :)


Jan 25, 2002, 2:20am
Make a bot that will form a Nerve Cell Net(NCN), Clear all connections
between them, and then Give it input from AW so that it will begin to learn
how to user ActiveWorlds...Not a bad project if you can understand what I
just said :) Ok, ok, so It's not an easy project, but HEY, it's good.


Jan 25, 2002, 2:22am
sorry, All these are RE:'s to messages....pushed wrong button :)
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AwSDK 5x5 Query Worries

Jul 2, 2002, 3:56pm
I thought for sure I had code for 5x5 query on my computer somewhere, but oh
well, I'll try to explain. To use the 5x5 query all you have to do is use
the same example code given for the 3x3 query(on MrGrimm's site), change the
sequence array size to fit a 5x5 query(0 to 4) and then change all 1's to
2's in the eventcellbegin sub. Changing the 1's to 2's is the most important
part, btw. After that you should be right on your way to querying a 5x5
area. The method is also the same for C++.

Extra Info: This is a nice trick I'm sure many people have already figured
out, but here it is. What if you wanted a bot that runs in global mode and
querys the entire world? No, global mode does not already query the entire
world for you, but that doesn't matter. Just setup your bot in global mode,
and then query the WHOLE world using the AwCellNext feature of the sdk. It
should be explained on the AW SDK site and MrGrimm's site.

Hope that helped.

Very Very BAD errors in C++ (HELP!!!)

Jul 9, 2002, 6:40pm
I can help, I can help. You need to link the aw.lib file(or aw_static.lib if
you want a static library[no aw.dll required]). In VC 6.0 Go to the projects
menu and select settings. Click the link tab and then insert aw.lib at the
end of that long list of librarys.

anyone know?

Jul 24, 2002, 4:34pm
anyone know how to do a 5x5 query with the VB SDK?


Aug 3, 2002, 11:52pm
anyone read the beta newsgroup? This bug still exsists in 3.4 beta.
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A cool world to check out

May 12, 2001, 2:49pm
Hi all, It's me Billybob, the programmer of the bot. Yes it is true that
Makaveli pointed out some bugs, I couldn't quite figuare out why they were
there. lol. But the bot seems to run fine now and any bugs that are found
will be investigated. USWF_PBL is new, but i have worked hard on the bot
adding feature after feature. I could say it is the best, because it has the
most features, but it is a new born, and like all new borns must learn how
to perfect things. So give it time. Thats all for now, please visit

(_8^(/) WOOHOO!!!!

After Avatar Exit Events

May 13, 2001, 1:23am
easy, just do this

for i = 0 to list1.listcount - 1
if list1.list(i) = sdk.AwAvatarName then list1.removeitem i: exit for

the List1.RemoveItem function deals with where an item is, not the item.

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May 12, 2001, 2:43pm
This is just a test to see if my news program works, please ignore. Hi

multiple bot world backup

Jul 5, 2002, 7:14pm
Multiple bots wont speed it up at all. If you have every bot query(all bots
being spaced far enough apart so that queries don't overlap) the results
from these queries doesn't come in any faster. Also, the speed of your
computer, code, and internet connection are probably the only things
standing in the way of doing a query in milliseconds. Multiple bots wont
help. Another fact is that you can use the sdk.AwCellNext method of querying
to do the work faster, if you set it up correctly. So all in all, if you
want a fast query of the world use the awcellnext method, use C++(VB is
WAYYY too slow), get a cable modem, and buy the fastest AMD processor
currently released. :)


Jun 23, 2002, 3:38am
Hey, AW new feature to add to your, hopefully large list. How about a way
for all chat to run through a bot? What I mean is instead of broadcasting
the chat messages to all, only gives it to a bot(with CT of course). That
way the bot could then proccess the chat and resend it to everyone....this
would allow CTs to customize the chat of their users, and edit out bad
words. Of course it might lead to putting words in people's mouths, heh, but
nevertheless a good feature.

Bump Events

Jul 2, 2002, 4:12pm
Heh, hey fett, I suppose this is more pointed to the rest of AW. This CAN be
done, in case you didn't know, and in fact I've already done it with av
collision. There are two methods to doing it. Either you do the AW method,
or the box method. The AW method is this: Your AW Browser is the one that
handles the bump action, and it can handle this because it uses a regular
collision detection engine. So for it it isn't hard. You can do the same
thng by loging on, querying, downloading all the objects in the query and
store them in a cache, then use this data to put the entire world into your
own 3d collision engine......yep the LONG way.

The second method is a simple box collision: I use a varation of this method
for AVs. What you do is some how give the size of a "bounding box" of every
object(and/or AV) in the world. To detect collision you can do simple 3d
wire-frame box collision, you will have to research this if you don't know
it. You then check collision everytime you get an avatar change event. :) If
any one understood that it is VERY useful information, trust me. Hey maybe
once I finish the bot that uses this method I can release a library? What do
you think?

Bump Events

Jul 2, 2002, 4:19pm
BTW, since bump is handled by YOUR browser and not the server(as I believe
it is) then I think you are stuck with writing your own way to detect the
stuff. I suppose AW could put forth the time to write the "AW Method" into a
seperate library for us, but I would rather see them come out with more
versions of AW.

Bump Events

Jul 2, 2002, 6:11pm
Yea, something like that. It would have to download EVERY Object Path...not
the best thing for a server, heh.

Update Walking on Terrain Speed

Jul 10, 2002, 4:11pm
AW just doesn't seem very curvy to me....I mean there aren't enough slopes
in it :) When you walk up a hill(in real life) the speed at which you are
forced to slow down is directly related to the slope of the hill. In AW
however even if the hill is this little tiny rock you walk just as
slow....which really makes no sense at all. If your world has smooth flowing
hills there shouldn't be much of a slow down in speed if you think about
it....but AW doesn't check the slope of a hill.....which kinda sucks.

Extended Viewing Range

Jul 16, 2002, 1:05am
:'( cruel man, just plain cruel...I don't see YOU writing software like AW
ALL BY YOURSELF. Lay off Roland, show him some respect.


Jul 16, 2002, 7:37pm
Yea, particles are cool >8~)

3.4 wish

Jul 25, 2002, 4:42pm
No, i beleive that the terrain settings are a bit darker, of course you
could probably just upload really bright textures...but the point still
stands, the terrain itself is a bit dark.

hear everything

Aug 1, 2002, 6:49pm
Dang it, i hate it when i click the wrong button, o well.....

Umm....errr...well don't you like challenges? I think thats probably the fun
part about AW...its one BIG challenge, >8~) Yea, that is kinda dumb, CTs
should be able to login as global mode.


Jun 23, 2002, 4:08am
Today at 10:47 VRT AM, a young fellow was standing silently on 4N 4W street
when a dark triangle came up behind him and corrupted his legs. Unable to
escape, and unable to move because of the new sequence engine, the boy was
left to be ruthlessly erased by the triangle. AWPF, ActiveWorlds Police
Force, has devoted its top detectives to finding this triangle before it can
erase any other people. No motive has been found for the attack, and it is
believed to be merely random. Searcher bots have been sent out through all
of AW and AWTeen, and this message has been released to the triangle
attacker, "If you hear this, then please know that all triangles will be
teleported aside from the crowd and asked for ID. If we find you prepare
yourself for ejection." I'm sure all of our whispers go out to this poor

zip problems

Jul 7, 2002, 1:49am
It seems that AW can't handle zip files zipped with Stuffit. I just used
StuffIt to zip my file and it caused AW to crash everytime I
entered the world. I reziped with winzip and AW stopped crashing. So, I
think AW hates StuffIt.

zip problems

Jul 8, 2002, 7:36pm
I believe it was orginally FOR macs, I just got a new comp and...well.....I
don't know what I was thinking, I suppose I thought winzip wasn't.....i
don't know, anyway it was the only zip program I had at the time.

kill buttons

Jul 7, 2002, 2:50am
Another bug in AW....or maybe just windows. If you click one of the buttons
on the toolbar with both the right and left buttons then it will go down,
BUT no action will be taken and any other buttons you push go kindof grey
and have no effect. You have to restart AW to reset the buttons.

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