We assist your E-Commerce Business (Wishlist)

We assist your E-Commerce Business // Wishlist

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Mar 11, 1999, 6:59am
We Offer the Highest Quality Clean Bulk E-Mail List in CD-ROM
for Internet successful E-Commerce entrepreneur.......It's YOU.
You can use it immediately to boost up your e-commerce business.
This product will make you increase your sales hundreds of times.

GUARANTEED QUALITY (Money-Back Guarantee)

(1) No Duplicate
(2) Following e-mail address are removed from our list
* Long address of more than 50 characters
* Address containing word, "Spam, nospam, abuse, news"
* E-mail address with many Arabic numbers
(3) Non-deliverable e-mail address are all removed
(4) Perfectly segregated according to servers such as;
.de .au .jp .com .uk .kr .fi .sa .tw .cn .sg .ph .ca .ru .fr
(5) Content of CD
* E-mail address list in _.txt file (segregated to servers)
* Total List in Microsoft Access D-base _.mdb file

EM500 500,000 E-mail List US$120.00
EM1M 1,000,000 E-mail List US$220.00

Note : Postal Charges of US$5.00 TO BE ADDED

Payment : By credit card payment on line
(payment site will be given to you when
you reply this e-mail with "Y" mark)

Delivery time : By registered air mail CD within 48 hours
after receiving your order.

BULK E-MAIL PROGRAM CD-ROOM PRO-100 price US$30.00 (4.7 MB)
If you are interested to purchase Bulk E-mail Sending Program which can
automatically process sending out group e-mail as fast as 2,000 mails
per hour personally to each of the recipients without cc appearing, we offer
the latest program Group E-mail PRO-100 CD-ROM.

Automatically extract all e-mail address in news groups, web-site, internet
zone and any types of files. Besides, this program can do the cleaning,
to remove long address, e-mail with too many numbers, address with word
spam, abuse, news etc. by setting up many options.

Specially tailored program for E-commerce people to handle huge numbers
of e-mail address. Import address in d-base and automatically convert
and segregate according to servers such as _jp _com _fi _au etc...

If you are interested in our products, please mark "Y" in [ ] below
and return this e-mail to us. We shall immediately inform you the
site where you can process your credit card payment.

For peoples who need to boost up their sex life, we also sell Viagra tablet
of 100 mg on-line Internet, original from Pfizer of USA. Effect is 100%
guaranteed to satisfy you. If you want Viagra, please mark "Y" below.

REPLY FORM *********************************************************
(Please type "Y" in the [ ] below, and send back this e-mail to us)

Please send me advice how to process my Order.
(1) EM-500 CD-ROM 500,000 e-mail list [ ]
(2) EM1M CD-ROM 1,000,000 e-mail list [ ]
(3) BULK E-Mail Program CD-ROM PRO-100 [ ]
(4) E-Mail EXTRACTOR CD-ROM Extractor-Pro [ ]
(5) E-Mail CONVERTER CD-ROM Converter-Pro [ ]
(6) VIAGRA 100 mg
[ ]

Then, return this e-mail to us with a new subject title
"YES I AM INTERESTED" -this is imortant for your reply e-mail
to be immediately attended by us. We will inform you our
payment processing site.

Thank you very much for your participation, and good luck to all
E-Commerce Internet Enterpreneur.

Jono Go
jonogo at indosat.net.id


Mar 11, 1999, 8:45am
This same fucker spammed me twice yesterday. Damn spammers!

[View Quote] > Jono Go
> jonogo at indosat.net.id

nick danger

Mar 11, 1999, 2:22pm
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Wow! Spam from Australia in a privately-hosted news group!
A vegemite sandwich for you, mate.

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