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Re: Building Restiction Box needed // Wishlist

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tyrell - alpha prime

Sep 26, 1998, 4:27am
> PS: I noticed you are using relative coordinates. Cool, I didn't know it was possible.

Ya, doing it this way one doesn't smack one's head (or get stuck) in any objects overhead... (can't
remember who clued me into this but it sure solved my problem when COF coded 'gravity' way back when...)

I'l have a look at what your done...

> Hi Tyrell;
> I too have thought about "People Movers" in AW, partly inspired by David
> Niven's first "Ring World" book and the teleport disks at the street
> intersections on the Puppeteer's home planet. After careful
> consideration I rejected the idea of having a system of hidden bump
> warps, even though they definitely have their place in things like rides
> and surprises. For a system that the user is in full control of, I
> choose a system of floating signs above the users head with activate
> warps. I have implemented such a system using a basic spacing of 50m.
> You can see it at:
> If you keep going straight until you can go no further, then turn to the
> right and continue. You can go quite a long way. I have not build the
> road all the way around the property yet (slightly over 3/4) and the
> signs only go about 5/8 of the way around. BTW, if you enter the tunnel
> after the last sign and do a bit of exploring, you might find a secret
> passage way that leads to a teleport back to my gateway. ;^o
> Have fun and tell me what you think of my idea.
> ScottyDM
> PS: I noticed you are using relative coordinates. Cool, I didn't know it
> was possible.
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> Scott D. Miller
> General Manager & Principal Consultant
> Arête, Ltd.
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