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Jun 4, 2003, 4:06pm
Thank you Tengel, but it is not the orientation which works not.
If we ecrit 10,90 in description the valid object 0,90.
Visible create off does not work either. We can just put 0,90 0,180 hole and
it is everything. If you wants you can come to see on FRANCE! In the 20n
0e. Thank

strike rapier

Jun 4, 2003, 6:33pm
you must put 'create visible no'

- Mark

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Jun 4, 2003, 8:23pm
not at all, all he need is to read the help page of demeter. When command
hide all ed is given, demeter will add that
to all terrain objects
he can try this in pata, it works well there.
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Jun 6, 2003, 6:13pm
*Makes note to spend a few hours this weekend doing some research into 3.4


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