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new to newsgroups but..

Jan 5, 2002, 7:13am
I just wanted to say.. EXCELLENT posts ! I cried reading the truth so well
put. These 3-D chats saved my emotional life during a year of chemo... and
if what they are doing today.. had been in place then.. I wouldn't have
been able to be there.. and as I had to go through all of the illness
physically alone.. I dread to think what would have become of me if not for
a place to go...
So.... I totally agree. (I am just too burnt on the subject to expound on
it now.. too upset and too hurt)

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Jan 10, 2002, 5:22am
To the AW community:

It saddens me greatly to see Nova go. I was one of the lucky recipients of
the generosity of Wings.. Without her help and support I doubt I would have
been here long.. but thanks to her... I also purchased my own world.

Braendon isn't a huge world. It only goes to 40 in all directions.. but it
also costs me a fair bit of money.. at least it is a lot for me.

I love this place! I love Nova.. (my first build in AW is there) and, of
course, I love my own world and cry inside every time I have to face the
realities of the past few weeks. It breaks my heart to watch all this
unfold. Nevertheless, I must agree with Wings.. I cannot justify paying to
renew Braendon given the current situation.

Unfortunately, unlike Wings.. I cannot afford the new increase. I had just
renewed my citizenship before the 'big bang' (good term for this Wings) and
can be here in AW for another year ... but I don't know that I will... so
much has been lost now.. and there are so many hard feelings..

The actions of AW have broken my heart and dreams. I miss the tourists..
the life blood of any on line community is the NEW blood. This move kills
that IMHO. I also disapprove of the manner in which AW has acted. I know
they are a company.. but I also know that they are people that WERE a part
of this community.. until they betrayed us and acted more like a corporate
giant squashing insignificants than the visionaries I had fashioned them to

I am thoroughly disappointed with your choices AW, and even more disgusted
with the WAY you did all this. Threats.. booting users and universes even!
WE ARE AW..!!! You may have invented it.. but if no one stays you have
failed. You have showed us all a great disrespect and you are
systematically destroying yourselves as well.

Braendon will most likely follow suit with Nova.
With sincere sadness and regret... I cannot remain... not unless AW comes
to its senses and proposes a VIABLE alternative!

Malka aka Malka DeLila aka Cherie Jenkins
Owner of Braendon

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pass protected objects

Jan 11, 2002, 5:32pm
Are people aware that AW has pass protected all the new objects? I
discovered that they can't be used in my world... and I am VERY
disappointed! It is like the big kid on the block is taking his toys

No more sharing allowed I guess. :-((

Just another reason that I don't feel welcome here anymore by AW. Between
the prominent focus of threats about prosecution in AW for hacking...
(which we all knew anyway) to this... I am starting to feel like we are
viewed as crooks... until proven innocent...


pass protected objects

Jan 14, 2002, 3:38am
well.. then you open couch5a.rwx and couch7b.rwx.

and if you can... tell me how you did it.


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Adressed to all the caretakers !

Jan 15, 2002, 8:03am
Seems this place is over populated with AW drones... hope you are having
fun... cuz the way things are going... you will be there alone with your
pro-company righteous flags flying... playing with yourselves.

The rest of us in the real world... will move on... because we know
exploitation when we see it. They don't need our money... but they would
love to have it and use us to acquire new interests.

and ya know what? When it is all over, you will discover.. AW doesn't and
won't care about all of you that waved their corporate flag either...

and while I am on the subject... who is 'WE'??? *We* all have not gone
over this! This is an open forum where all have a right to express their
opinions... Some of you speak as if once YOU have spoken - your words
become law.

It is not so. We are in a free nation here... and have EVERY right to
peaceful protest...

and you say it doesn't work... have you never heard of Martin L. King?

It does work.

My world is red.... and I am checking out alternatives.

Oh.. and one more thing... perhaps a select group that post here work for
AW? I have heard rumors to that effect... don't know if it is true.. but
true or no... you aren't making any brownie points for your nasty attitudes
to the rest of us that post here. You know who you are... and you should
be ashamed of yourselves for the disrespectful way you have repeatedly
addressed people here.

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Managing information in AW culture

Jan 16, 2002, 5:17am
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tyrell... what a perfect example you give... of exactly what I =
mentioned earlier. Have you no manners? =20

At least the one you speak of IS well meaning... which is more than I =
can say of you and your post here. =20
[View Quote] The actual facts be damned...=20

Here, try this next time...=20

Pick an issue that has a ring of truth to it (if this were the case =
there'd be very few Citizens left in the NGs as we'v all had shots at AW =
at one time or another...)=20

Pick better your timing to bring the issue to light... (obviously =
you'd never stoop so low as to be just 'fanning the flames' over the =
current Pricing Situation BUT some may not be as gullible as myself...)=20

Pick you'r phrases better (the only thing AW can be accused of is its =
'propensity' to do 'what they think' is required to stay in business... =
(how one feels about the way they'r going about it is a side issue at =
best...) As a 'flame fanner', Citizens bad-mouthing AW hardly creates a =

If you just have to see your name in a thread, fine... but the =
community already has an issue on it's plate. (whether one agrees with =
the Price Increase or not it is (likely) something everyone is following =
closely...) For me, bad-mouthing AW is a non sequitur... Besides, most =
people over the age of 10 have a good idea what happens if they behave =
inappropriately... To then acted shocked and surprised when 'it' in fact =
happens seems rather silly... This is assuming there's any truth to your =

All those who have been kicked out of the NG because they don't agree =
with the Price Increase 'and are unable to read this' raise their =

PS... a message with 'Pro Wrestling Match' and concern for =
'insult[ing] our intelligence' creates an oxymoron...=20

[View Quote] Hey all,=20
This propensity to ban citizens with whom AW disagrees from these =
seems desperate and sad to me. Honestly, much of this discussion =
feels as=20
artificial and contrived as any pro wrestling match.=20

If the AWC-folk have decided that they must gut AW, then they should =
just go=20
ahead and do it; nothing any of us can say will stop them anyway. I =
ask that they don't insult our intelligence by trying to make us =
that most of us are pleased with this development.=20


Get over it.

Feb 23, 2002, 5:28pm
FYI folks.. I found this quite interesting... Aine did email Chris.. in
our discussion group.. asking what he felt was false in her original letter
and asking why he had answered in this NG rather than in our discussion
group where her original letter was posted... This was SW Chris'

----- Original Message -----
From: "DB Digital" <db at>
To: <AW_Discussion_Group at>
Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2002 10:31 AM
Subject: Re: [AW_Discussion_Group] SW_Chris/from the heart

> Hello Aine,
> Well I should have posted this some days back but got behind in my mail.
> just wanted to say that your thoughts parallel mine. I have felt the same
> way since about Jan 3rd. I was hoping that I would be proved wrong,
> AW has only proved me right. BUT what AW does not seem to realize is that
> we will just leave. Yes it means leaving a lot behind, but sometimes you
> need to take a step back to see the big picture and take a better route
> the current well tread path that one is on at the moment. The PEOPLE is
> what makes AW special. Yes the tech is a part of it, but only a small
> in the grand scheme, and certainly not worth putting up with what AW is
> dealing out.
> All they have done is succeeded in sealing the systems fate. The AW
> universe will be gone, or at least VERY empty in less than a years time.
> have enjoyed my time in AW but it is time to move on. When my cit is up
> that is it. I will not be joining another universe that runs AW software.
> I do not trust them. They have WAY to much control to my way of thinking
> (if they knew how to make good decisions PERHAPS then it would be good but
> alas we all know that is not the case), but I will certainly be around
> email and other means.
> The only way AW can be saved, in my opion, is that legal ramifications
> them to loose the company to someone who can actually run it properly, and
> put the customers FIRST as it should always be. For without customers,
> don't have a business. But then they will probably just file chapter 11,
> they would probably rather see the software and all of us leave then
> else run the show (and do it I can't imagine anyone doing it
> worse).
> Ah well I will pass the podium to someone else.........
> -DB

IMHO.. Chris.. it would appear that there is a need for you to pick an
opinion and stick to it.

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Get over it.

Feb 23, 2002, 8:31pm
Why would someone do that? and with reference to the exact same issue? If
it were me.. and that were true.. I would be very interested to find out
who... and put a stop to it.. cuz the contradictions there are pretty
clear.. and discrediting...

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Get over it.

Feb 23, 2002, 8:35pm
Yea? Well why don't you two take your own advise and get over it?!
Ever hear of freedom of speech? Ever think perhaps the lady was just being
polite and leaving a message? I am so tired of you mud slinging little
petty nit-pickers I could scream! GET A LIFE!

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Mar 11, 2002, 5:56pm
Sorry to say that 'Braendon' will have to close on April 28th. Just can't
afford everything anymore and without the $$ to pay for tourists to have
access.. it is pretty dead in there... :-(

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