AWCPP - C++ release v0.1 (Sdk)

AWCPP - C++ release v0.1 // Sdk

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edward sumerfield

Oct 14, 1998, 4:30am
This is a C++ wrapper and object model around the aw.dll developed with the
GNU G++ compiler. It supports

o All sdk functions required for the basic greeter bot.
o It issolates the user from all robot instance selection.
o It correctly routes callbacks from the static C functions to the
appropriate object (currently limited to one object).
o It proposes a sample object model.

This first release implements sample #1 the greeter bot. The Readme.txt and
awcpp.doc should tell you most of what you want to know.

Roland, I know you didn't like the class names Robot or Citizen but I
couldn't think of anything else. We can change them later on if something
better is thought of.

Edward Sumerfield,

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