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Apr 1, 2001, 3:00pm
[View Quote] you

in which you added the introduction and... means you took my page and added
the introduction and everything upto.....

If you cant explain yourself in english then go back to school and learn it

Stop trying to bluster your way through with insults that have no relevance
except to try and make yourself seem big to anyone under 3 years old.

> Ah but they were, twitfuck. Try not to quote blank lines, idiot newbie
fuck. Drive through.

Nope, you left in the bit from 2 posts earlier, to reply to me, they should
have been snipped, and try to find a new insult, I'm starting to think you
can only come up with one or two based on this post, and they are so boring
and un-origional, all they do is rearrange three very short words you
obviously heard somewhere.

> Can you BE any more dense, Moria? I'm sure you can. Let's
see. What part of "added the introduction and basically everything up to
"Creating Your First
> RWX model"" don't you understand, twit? Dataman's original page did NOT
have those sections and were only added until AFTER my page went up (which
was most certainly not ripped off Dataman's page. If anything I MAY have
borrowed stuff from Grover's pages, but I link to his anyway. <shrug>

Exactly, your saying that the stuff after that which bears a remarkable
similarity to yours was taken from yours and only the intro was added after,
which is blatantly untrue, in fact youve even admitted it now, which means
if there is a major similarity then you copied.

> Consider this my last response to you. Buh-bye now!

Then why did you respond further below?

denial of
> <yawn>

Sorry to keep you awake, it must be hard for you trying to rearrange three
words into an insult that looks different each time you type it, and you've
obviously given up here 'cause you've used all of the arrangements

> <yawn> Irrelevant to my point, twit.

Nope see above, and by the way, you missed two of your three words off the
insult, try again.

> Sorry, I wasn't. I was simply pointing out the truth to the unsure

Nope, you started it and posted it wrong, when challenged you blamed Mauz's
history, suddenly trying to absolve yourself of yet another cock-up by you.

> <chuckle> You must have an odd definition of rationality, sport; I've been
CONSTANTLY backing up my claims but you're too fucking cluelessly inept to
see that.

nope, youve constantly been trying to slam people down who disagree by
swearing at them, you have NEVER rationally backed up a claim, I don't even
think you would know how to, and not just on this newsgroup but on all the
others you try and infest as well. Saying you back them up is completely
different from actually backing them up, a point you seem to have forgotten
from Discussion and Debate 101, assuming you ever went to class.

> <yawn> "Bye-BYE!"

Obviously yes, you did call mommy cause you cant back up anything you say
when challenged. Run away little boy and go play with your dolls, they wont
answer back when you swear at them, and they will believe everything you say
without question, which in the real world doesn't happen.

PS glad to see you didn't top-post on that reply.. a bit more practice and
you may not be considered a newsgroup newbie or a troll.


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