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Re: CODES DO NOT WORK // Community

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Mar 23, 2001, 6:58pm
Awwwwww... Geee... That hurts...
After finding that they might work for 100 beta A
and he might have the more advanced one...
[[[I don't have the software & so i don't want the codes. BUT i have
found that is the case all too often. Version & build spiffic stuff

Well... Maybe next time he'll listen & try the many
Warez, Serialz, Hackz, Codez web sites around and he would find
someplace that had one that would work.

Top 25 warez sites

The MOST comprehensive list of cracks groups - Submitted by Tucker

Crack Talk Member's Edition


Editor: Terry Blount

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SIGNUPS are on the link below...


SO... This is the best AW's Hottest Tip Of The Year

johnf <johnftintagel at> wrote in
<3abbabf7 at>:

>The codes do not work

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