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Feb 24, 2001, 7:33pm
Your own puter that is...3.1.

What, would make it show up in activeworlds, the world list as a question

all the instructions have been followed, and all my friend gets is a
question mark in the worlds list.

Any and all advice that could be given will be greatly appreciated by him.
I post this here, becuase he doesn't have the news groups available to read
or post to.

Thank you everyone

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Feb 24, 2001, 9:06pm
[View Quote] Most likely you are running behind a firewall or a bad proxy resulting that the uniserver can't figure out what is your world server version.


Feb 24, 2001, 9:11pm
Yes, also make sure port 7777 is open, and sometimes port 5670, also if
theres multiple servers, open up port 7001-7### depending on how many world
servers you plan on running (you only need one for AW3.1 server, 7777 but
for multiple universe hosting you might need 7001 or something)
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Feb 25, 2001, 1:22pm
This post should really be in the worldbuilders newsgroup. Anyway, in
addition to other people's comments here, make sure that you are not
using the beta version of the AW 3.1 world server. I believe there was a
bug with a prior beta build that had something to with this problem.
Download the MOST recent 3.1 world server software for your operating
system at If
you still can't get the world to work, might I interest you or your
friend in Stuff-X hosting at ;o)

Stuff-X - Bot & World Hosting Services

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