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Question to all

Feb 19, 2001, 2:32pm
Okay, here goes nothing.

First, allow me to apologise if I replied to this wrong (this is for the
readers of this thread) Its the first time I have ever posted to such a
"group". I chose reply to group, rather than sender, as I am hoping all
will get to see this and not just Myssie.

NOW...Myssie, how dare you! Or, have you forgotten the gram you sent me
stating "we can no longer be friends?" I replied...OKAY. You attack my
brother even though you did not name him and call me friend at the same
time?????? Talk about nerve! We are NOT friends, and just for anyones own
information THIS is what happened. Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Truth...the "sibling" in the above thread.

One year ago, a baby site was created by Myssie and two others in my
brothers world. It was a gift, to me, and my son and his wife,
congradulating (spelling?) us on the birth of my granddaughter madison.
*smiles* a wonderful effort indeed, and my son and his wife and yes, even
myself, were all very pleased with it. What a way to celebrate such a
joyous occasion? *smiles*

Well, this babysite, a year later...well, not quite a year, she will be a
year old on March 30th....My brother deleted the site. You see, there were
urls, that no longer worked...all you saw on some things was fuzzy snow.
What myssie neglects so conveniently to mention is that NO ONE had been to
the site, or updated it in MONTHS. What she also neglects to mention is
that the durn site was deleted nearly THREE months ago. What she also
neglects to mention, is that she herself has not built anything in my
brothers world for OVER a year, except the baby site, and that the two other
people who helped build the site...ONE, hasnt' been in that world, or even
activeworlds itself in nearly a year, BUT her house still stands in the
world on the lower level, right where she left it and the OTHER person who
helped build the babysite deleted her own property on her own, of her own
volition. (proper word?) Also, this person who deleted her own property
does not mind that the babysite was deleted.

I know this, becuase I spoke to her myself..we have been, and still are
good friends.

I as the world owners "sibling" had no prior knowledge of the babysite being
deleted...nor did I mind when I found out. I knew, that no one had bothered
to visit it anymore in nearly a year and I knew that some of the urls in the
site did not work anymore. I also knew, was my brothers world and his own
choice to make.

Myssie, how bout we get an activeworlds law made....BUILDERS OF A WORLD
should at least VISIT and build in that world more often than once a
year??????? As for your having contact with my brother and actually
speaking with him...lets not lie about that either. YOU HAVEN"T SPOKEN TO

How dare you come in with half truths?? How dare you grumble about
something you have not given one whit about since its creation? I think,
you are more mad that you could not brag on what you did...

Allow me to state this one last thing.....I am tired, of your tantrums, and
I am glad, that when you found out the site was deleted, you chose to not be
my friend, becuase my brother told you in a gram he is tired of you and your
ranting and raving over bull___. I told you when you grammed me fussing
about the site being gone, to take it up with the world owner. I have no
control over what goes on in there, nor would I wish to have is not
my world.

Your childish attitude creates problems for your own self. Is there no one
you meet, that you do not eventually have a problem with? It must be so
very nice, to be so perfect that you can constantly find fault in others for
silly little things...*sigh*

Do not attack, grumble or what ever, in reference to myself or my brother
again, unless you are willing to state the WHOLE story.

Should a world owner let the builder know? Yes, of course...UNLESS that
builder hasn't bothered to build or visit or gram in nearly a year. You
didnt' even go back to build more did you? NOPE. You went back to show off
what you had done. Tell me Myssie, was that site for yourself? or for the
kids to celebrate the baby being born?? Grow up, and while your at
it..leave us, alone.

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Feb 19, 2001, 7:11pm
I'm new at this, so see that you get the reply to your "thanks" post.


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Running a world on a puter

Feb 24, 2001, 7:33pm
Your own puter that is...3.1.

What, would make it show up in activeworlds, the world list as a question

all the instructions have been followed, and all my friend gets is a
question mark in the worlds list.

Any and all advice that could be given will be greatly appreciated by him.
I post this here, becuase he doesn't have the news groups available to read
or post to.

Thank you everyone

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