As an aside note *self promo* (Community)

As an aside note *self promo* // Community

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run facter run

Feb 16, 2001, 7:29pm
Most of you probably know that I produce electronic music as well =P

Pollen was originally set up to let people have a 3D link to that stuff...I
was asked where the ideas for it came from - if anyone wants to know its
loosely based on the Jeff noon novels ..Vurt, Pixel Juice, Nymphomation,
Needle in the Groove and of course.."pollen"...sot heres that little story..

glad u guys like it btw - I've had some great comments =)

Oh, the self promo part? I just put another new song up online..its hit 15
on the jungle charts so far - .checkit if yas want, its
the first one..The Bridge...

Well, theres my 5 minute break - why do Fridays always get *really* busy in
the hour before your about ta knock off ? hahaha..

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Feb 16, 2001, 7:46pm
They get really busy when you're a bout to leave on Friday so on your
weekend off everything falls apart and you need to rush in and fix
everything ar 2am saturday morning and spend 72 hours babying the
electronics until SUN shows up at 3pm on Tuesday after having president's
day off.

This little spot is dedicated to my girl, Jessie.
She paints her nails, and she dont know, he's got her best friend on the
She'll wash her hair, his dirty clothes, for all he gives to her. And he's
got posters on the wall
Of all the girls he wish she was, and he means everything to her. Her
boyfriend, he dont know,
Anything, about her... She's just the flavor of the week.
AW Citizen 305004 "Wing"
bathgate at
eyemwing at
ICQ #101207433
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Feb 16, 2001, 7:52pm
Hey cool song, didn't know you did electronic stuff, I like electronic
stuff, song..<downloads more> lol

IM: o0 Xero
xero at


Feb 16, 2001, 8:07pm
heheh was just listening to the mp3 and my dog started barking heheh
na from what i could hear sounds good but my conect was sucky and was
getting a bit of lag
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Feb 16, 2001, 8:10pm
its also my fav type of music
listeing to sould divide rtight this secound

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Feb 17, 2001, 7:22pm
[View Quote] I read both Vurt and Pollen. These books are weird, but I liked them :-)



Feb 17, 2001, 9:27pm
[View Quote] by the way... *GREAT* song there :-)

the difference between aw 2.2 and 3.1 in Pollen is... well...



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