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Jan 15, 2001, 4:24pm
Reply to "sdk" group since "beta" is read-only for me

This error is not really harmless. It means the code chunks you try to link
together ask for DIFFERENT conflicting runtime-libraries, as in
one code part asks for libc (static), while the other asks for msvcrt

If you ignore this error you really can get very very strange side effects.

To avoid this error you have to either

a) agree on a runtime library, say all use "libc", a library author has to
attach a note to his lib explaining his runtime choice or
b) tell the linker to ignore your project settings except for explicitly
given library names as in /NODEFAULT:xxx this may lead to
unresolved-externals error or aswell to odd side effects.


"roland" <roland at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:3a5ddc7d$1 at
> This is an annoying error Visual C++ generates sometimes, I think it
> when you try to link together two different pieces of code that have both
> been linked to the standard C library. The error is harmless, but you
> suppress it by adding
> /nodefaultlib:"libc"
> To the "Project Options" field under the Link tab, Project Settings.
> -Roland
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