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Oct 29, 2000, 12:34am
I have bought quite a bit from these guys (JKMT) in the past, but can't
seem to get JKMT to answer my recent emails about a purchase on Sado's
signbot and changes needed.
I paid for it, and they worked hard, but it still doesn't wotk.
After three weeks now, could we possibly draw this to an amicable close

1: Fixing the bot to work properly ie: stop displaying UCT time
(whatever that is and display VRT time), and take other bots out of the
vistors list.

or 2: Refund my money.

I hate to post this here, but I can't get an answer to my emails.

I know you have other projects more important on the fire, but I kinda
feel like a long time paying customer deserves the desired product or a
refund, or at least some comunnication. Either that or you loose your
customer base, and most certainly any referrals.

Napalm in OW
Prozak in AW


Oct 30, 2000, 12:17am
I don't get a reply from JKMT either. Two months ago, he sent me an email
saying he would like to host up to 50 xelagots, could I find a solution for
bot owners to remotely control their bot? He was willing to pay for this...
I replied that I was going away for one month and would contact him... After
the Avatars2000 event, I sent him an email saying I was now working on a
solution, and asked him to contact me about it... I never got a reply.
Well, the solution is freeware now, posted on my xelagot pages, I worked 10
solid days on it. Any bot-hosting instance can now host xelagots (there is
a better version for this than x1, they just need to contact me about it),
and guarantee their customers full access to their bot through xelagot
verbal commands issued with a special User Client.

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Oct 30, 2000, 3:38am
I would host bots off my server at no charge - first come first serve - if
somebody would simply develop a bot to run on the Linux platform....or has
this already been done?


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Oct 30, 2000, 6:24am
[View Quote] Not that I know of, the AW SDK has not been ported to Linux by AWCOM.

> Ox64
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Oct 30, 2000, 9:23am
I would use your hosting if it stays free! if it is possible, write me on
your list!!!!!!

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Nov 20, 2000, 8:59pm
Dont blame JKMT President.. he has to manage his business.. he has other
things to do.. I do agree he should respond but just keep trying.


Nov 20, 2000, 10:27pm
If you're going to reply to such an old message, at least quote what you're replying to... Otherwise no one will know (unless the
message is still on their computer).


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