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What's the name of taht bot?

Oct 2, 2000, 11:57pm
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Most run on tight budgets, as RWX worlds
are a hobby.

I bought the nodebot. And I am a programmer, so it is not like I could not find the
time myself. I was curious as to the new approach.
What is MY time worth? $25.00 an hour or so says the IRS....

So anyway, JKMT fully taught me to use it, ran the plotting for me in my world, (in
another universe even, after major modifications for free) and I made a good friend
to boot. And this took HOURS for them, not a few minutes.
While the product is fully worth $31.00, making the new friend was worth a ton

[View Quote] > If you do not want to pay that it is fine , Many Many others have and will
> continue too. Programming is time consumming and it is not free. I am a business
> man and have to make a living somehow. If you do not want the bot do not buy it.
> The bot sells to many others including universe owners. You are missing out on
> what is developing to be the most interesting bot I have seen in a while with
> new features being added to it all the time. I am sorry you do not feel that a
> programmers work is not worth anything more than a few dollars.
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Re: JKMT Deer Nodebot

Sep 28, 2000, 11:17am
the URL is

[View Quote] > No idea, actually :)
> But there're some nice new fields in the bottool now, for you to enter that data
> in. I'm sure the outerworlds people know what to put there...
> Y'might try doing a netstat -a whilst connected to outerworlds, if you're
> desperate...
> In addition, BotTool version 0.6.1 has been finished. It now supports all sorts
> of fun AW3, autoupdating (although the autoupdate server isn't in a usable state
> ):, and universes other than AW. I've created both a full and lite version of
> the installer, so y'all don't have to download the entire 2.3 meg install
> package all the time - provided you have the vb runtimes, of course. Figured it
> was a good tradeoff...
> You can get the bottool off the jkmt website (, although both it
> and the bottool site are in a state of semi-limbo... It will no doubt be
> announced when either one is ready.
> Sado
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Xelag script

Oct 7, 2000, 9:16pm
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Here is a sign for VRT places when you have all these confused people.
It's not much, but works really good. It is for Xelags.
I have lots of people in my place that can't tell time anyway, so this
has helped. And yes, I know it is on the browser. ))-

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
Content-Disposition: inline;


# Update VRT time sign by Prozak
# from a script by Alex
# put this in the action field for a beautiful sign:
# create sign color=C0C0C0 bcolor=black; name time

Origin=0.000n 0.000w 0.00a 0.0


OnWorldReconnectEvent Reconnect

#the avatar to use
var %DefAv, %done
%DefAv = 3
Avatar %DefAv
%done = 0

#declare your variables for querying
var at QueryPos, %IsQuerying, at Seat
at Seat = 1.230s 0.081e 5.85a 0.0

# declare your variables for the search and modify
var $BoardName, ~Board, %Board
var ~Boarda, $BoardDes
WarpLocal at Seat
#say starting program

$BoardName = "name time"
# the bot is not yet querying
%IsQuerying = 0
GetLocation at QueryPos
# install the event handlers for the query
OnQueryCompleteEvent Complete
OnWorldReconnectEvent Reconnect
# start your query
%IsQuerying = 1
QueryAt at QueryPos
# loop until QueryComplete
Label WaitForQuery
IfInt %IsQuerying = 1 Goto WaitForQuery
Label Jump00
Gosub Update
# Change the board sign
Gosub MakeBoard

~Board = ~Boarda

Goto Jump00

Sub Update
wait 5
GetDateTime $a
concat $b "VRT time is " $a
$BoardDes = $b

Event Complete
#say completed
%IsQuerying = 0

Event Reconnect
IfInt %IsQuerying = 1 QueryAt at QueryPos

# this Sub finds the first instance of your object
# IfGetResObjectItem ~Board 1

Sub FindBoard
#say finding board
FilterAction $BoardName
IfGetResObjectItem ~Board 1 %Board = 1
Else %Board = 0
%done = 1

# To modify the description on ~Board and change it to $BoardDes:

Sub MakeBoard
IfInt %done = 0 Gosub FindBoard
IfInt %Board = 0 Goto MakeBoardError
~Boarda = ~Board
GetDescription ~Boarda $BoardDes
ObjectModify ~Board ~Boarda
Label MakeBoardError
Say Can't find my VRT Timeboard :(

Event Reconnect
# reload and run the script after disconnection
Say Disconnected. System Spiked. Programming Resumed.


wrong thread

Oct 7, 2000, 9:17pm
I got it in the wrong thread...but maybe someone will find it
anyway.sorry ))_

cracked browser

Oct 16, 2000, 10:12am
Is there a bot for sale that can detect cracked browsers? I need one.

cracked browser

Oct 16, 2000, 7:37pm
yea........ I spoke briefly to Ima, but it's not for sale, and he really didn't want to seem to delve into what you need to know
about to program for one...
I need one for a game world in OW, there has to be a better way.!
help from anyone?

[View Quote] > Not really...
> If you've got your own world, you can check if someone without build rights is selecting an object, or doing other things some
> cracked browsers can do. AWGames has a bot that does just that :)
> -Agent1
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cracked browser

Oct 16, 2000, 9:07pm
ok.I will write to you in email..!
thanx Chandler..

[View Quote] > I will offer to do one..
> --
> - Chandler56
> "Use your free will to the ULTIMATE advantage: Assassinate the Government!"
> ____________________________________________________________
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Oct 29, 2000, 12:34am
I have bought quite a bit from these guys (JKMT) in the past, but can't
seem to get JKMT to answer my recent emails about a purchase on Sado's
signbot and changes needed.
I paid for it, and they worked hard, but it still doesn't wotk.
After three weeks now, could we possibly draw this to an amicable close

1: Fixing the bot to work properly ie: stop displaying UCT time
(whatever that is and display VRT time), and take other bots out of the
vistors list.

or 2: Refund my money.

I hate to post this here, but I can't get an answer to my emails.

I know you have other projects more important on the fire, but I kinda
feel like a long time paying customer deserves the desired product or a
refund, or at least some comunnication. Either that or you loose your
customer base, and most certainly any referrals.

Napalm in OW
Prozak in AW

bot hosting

Oct 29, 2000, 6:54pm
Why not yourself? It takes no special software. If you need 24/7 and
don't want to do it, JKMT does it for 15.00 US a month, and maybe
someone else, Ima might be good to contact.

bot hosting

Oct 29, 2000, 6:57pm
I currently run 5 Xelag's on my machine, via cable modem, and have no
problem. Buy lots of RAM though, hehehe. And I have 3 of JKMT's deer
bots.. so up to 8 sometimes.

[View Quote] > Why not yourself? It takes no special software. If you need 24/7 and
> don't want to do it, JKMT does it for 15.00 US a month, and maybe
> someone else, Ima might be good to contact.

Need a Programmer

Nov 3, 2000, 12:53pm
Download and look at the way Outer Worlds does their banking. It's easy to
search for user numbers, or by name, transfer to multiple accounts at the same
time, and sets in the taskbar. You don't even need to be in OW to use the bank.

[View Quote] > I'm looking for someone who would be interested in making a VR Banking
> Network of bots... I don't know if anyone will so I am asking you...
> First of all what these bots would do is connect through network, and
> clients could use a seperate client bot and login using their citizen number
> and a pin number. They would be able to check their available balance,
> transfer money to someone else "LIVE", change their pin number and so on. If
> the bot can automatically create them an account by recognizing their
> citizen number (meaning no cheating) they would only be able to create one
> account for citizen number. When accounts are created they get credited
> $500VR.
> That's the User Client Bot...
> Then there's the Adminstration Client where adminstrators can log in and
> edit the accounts, checking everyone's balance, pin numbers and being able
> to change all the details in the database...
> The Server would be even more seperate, It would get hosted 24/7 and would
> include the database and store every single bit of information.
> Now, lets just say someone doesn't want to download the software... We
> supply worlds and towns joined up with a seperate client bot which logs into
> the world and responds to commands and does basically the same thing but in
> chat and in the world/town...
> Preferable the User Client, Admin should have GUI and the server should run
> in the background of Windows.
> So what do you think... It would be for the USWF mostly.. Don't really want
> the whole of AW starting to use it really, but if it has to be done that way
> then I guess it just has to.. But the USWF is the main VR Banking World and
> it is an idea which I propose, hoping that you can help out.
> Yours Sincerely,
> Anduin Lothar
> --
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> The USWF, There's No Better Place!
> Contact: uswf at
> Web-Page:
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

I need a bot

Oct 17, 2000, 1:29am
I need a bot that can detect cracked browsers and eject. Would like the
bot to keep a log of detected and ejected activity. Anyone in this group
that can do it?

I need a bot

Oct 18, 2000, 3:52pm
yep.I emailed a couple of times to Alex of Xelagots also. the lagg would kill
the server performance for a fast game world.

[View Quote] > Thanks to Agent1 for telling me what the heck a "Cracked Brower" is....
> Ultima Online had this problem in its early days, in an on line game it was
> a much more serious problem though since people could walk through your
> house door and take your hard fought for items you got in the dungeons.
> As Agent1 wrote all movement is really done on the client side and then
> actual co-ordinates are "Reported" to the server and other Avatars. Thus,
> the only solution for this is to write a plug in that will do server checks
> for every movement an avatar makes. IF the client tries to walk through a
> wall then the server says "No" basically.
> Problems with doing this:
> It causes server lag waiting for movement authorization, how much? Well,
> consider that all that is happening now is that the client is telling the
> server that he is in the world and nothing else. All other movements or
> Current locations are reported to the other "Clients" that are currently in
> the world, not to the server. The only other thing the server currently
> tracks is when messages are sent. (At least this is all that is reported in
> the World Server Window.) So if I am wrong and it does track avatar
> locations then simply double the current movement traffic.
> It causes what's known as "Rubber Banding Effect" - where your client takes
> a step through a wall but then the server throws you back a step since your
> not allowed to do that. (Sometimes you could take several steps through the
> walls before the server would kick you back out, depending on how fast the
> server responds to the move request)
> If this were a software program that allowed you to "Own" objects, by way of
> having an Inventory, then I can see where it might be worth the time and
> effort to write such a plug in for the server. But since its not I really
> don't think the loss in performance is worth the effort. Your also talking
> about a program that would also have to tag each and every item in every
> world as a solid or otherwise impassible object. The code would most likely
> be huge.
> Anyway I hope this helps in some way.
> S N O W B L I N D
> GODSWRLD (now running on a new server)
> --
> S N O W B L I N D
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To xelagot script makers!

Nov 7, 2000, 5:19pm
Not to argue about it, I will have to fix many programs as I point at gotos
outside of the subs a lot, but why is this being done?

Not complaining, my scripts will be cleaner I guess, but I just wondered why we
are suddenly jumping to stricter conventions in language....

[View Quote] > (applies to X1.exe 2.9999950 and Av99Bot/SrvcXlgBot 1.66, which will be
> available soon)
> Dear xelagot script makers (and users),
> The next version of xelagot applies strict rules to scripts, enforcing many
> of the currently legal syntax laws. Some illegal constructions, which work
> up to now, will cause the script to abort. This enforcement is needed to be
> able to catch and stop recursive and circular calls (which can cause a stack
> overflow killing the application), and loops which do not return control to
> the application (causing it to freeze). The new syntax control checks Main,
> Event, Sub and Text boundaries
> The most common error is a Goto pointing to a label outside its own Sub,
> Event or Main. In the following example, the statement Goto OneA in Sub One
> is legal, but the same statement in Sub Two is not legal (but worked).
> Sub One
> ... code
> IfInt %r > 1 Goto OneA
> ... code
> EndSub
> Label OneA
> ... code
> EndSub
> Sub Two
> ... code
> IfInt %r > 1 Goto OneA
> ... code
> EndSub
> Another less common error is a ResetTo pointing to a label outside the Main
> part of the script.
> If you think your scripts may be defective, when you upgrade install the new
> X1.exe in a COPY of the bot's current directory (so that the settings are
> preserved) and test and eventually fix your scripts first.
> Notice that X1.exe will produce error messages on screen, so this
> facilitates debugging your script. Some errors are trapped during script
> initialisation, others (like Goto errors) at runtime.
> For more details, see

To xelagot script makers!

Nov 7, 2000, 5:36pm
duh......nevermind....I re-read Alex's reasons.... I have had that problem, and
cleaned a lot up.. still have a bit to re-do though.

[View Quote] > Not to argue about it, I will have to fix many programs as I point at gotos
> outside of the subs a lot, but why is this being done?
> Not complaining, my scripts will be cleaner I guess, but I just wondered why we
> are suddenly jumping to stricter conventions in language....
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