Thank you:) (Community)

Thank you:) // Community

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alphabit phalpha

Dec 11, 1999, 11:04pm
Hi Everyone:)
Ummmm....where do I start?
I guess with a big THANK YOU for all the support and positive thoughts
you are sending Alpha's and mine's way.
Since Alpha's get well card site...I have seen some positive
improvements in his getting well!
When I can't be up at the hospital with him...I come into AW and you are
there helping me get thru...hour by by day:)
Being 2700 miles from my IRL family....all of you have become my family
and are helping me ever so much!
Alpha can't see the cards you are making yet....but as soon as I can
bring him home...I will walk him thru all of your loving messages:)
I tell him about them everyday and it brings a warm smile to his face:)
Well.....just wanted to say thank you all for all your love and caring:)
I love all of you very much.....
AlphaBit Phalpha


Dec 13, 1999, 4:49pm
AW (Active Worlds) is practically my REAL family too...and most of my family
lives within a hundred miles of me. I LOVE my AW family. I hope LOTS more of
our family goes to Alpha's Get Well area and makes cards. And here's one for
you (((AlphaBitPhalpha)))
Your virtual sis,
Trexter Ziam

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