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Party Invitation

Dec 1, 1999, 6:15pm
There's a 48 hour Grand Opening party for "Sanctuary - The New Millennium"
in Atlantis on 31 December, 1999 and 1 January, 2000. I started the build
with this New Year's in mind over a year ago; though, was delayed as other
opportunities, duties, et al cropped up through the year. The Atlantic City
Race Track and Open Air Dance Floor ARE ready in time for the celebration.
(wheeeew! rush builds, gotta LOVE IT!) These two areas are for the new
Atlantis Community activities after the party. Bluebird Heaven is completed
though I might add a touch here or there, now and then. The Youth Gaming
Area, The Convention Center District with 5 star hotel and restaurant and
the Aquatic Center will be completed during the year 2000.

Warning 1. This is a Hi-Res CD build!!! The tall dancing orchids will be
mere giant weeds and most of the plants will not be the same species at
all...to non-Hi-Res CD users. The primary texture used is animated and glows
like embers in a fire to CD users; whereas, it's motionless and gently
warming to non-CD users. You are welcome to come anyway...even if you don't
have the CD. Cryonics told me there would be a re-issuance of the Hi-Res CD.
I don't know if he'll have it out in time for the party though the place
will still be there in the future if you get a Hi-Res CD late.

Warning 2. Several areas might not work for persons who are "squeezing by"
with a 486 and overdrive processor. Often older Pentiums will crash as well;
but, are okay on second entry. Just use your F3 and move slowly. :})

This is just an informal party; stay a minute, hours, or both whole days as
you wish. The coords are not yet public so that there will still be room on
the perimeter of the build for attendees to build their New Year's Greetings
AND resolutions AND time capsules. I will announce coords at Atlantis GZ
just prior to opening AND will give coords by telegram beginning on the 30th
of December to those who ask for it. I'll try to remember to come back here
and post coords as well...if I forget, remind me please :)} Thanks!

For a few screen shots of highlights you can see:


Trexter Ziam :})

Party Invitation

Dec 13, 1999, 3:25pm
The coords for the 48 hour party 31 December 1999 and 1 January 2000 are:

atlantis 1000s 900w

Have a Happy New Year!
Trexter Ziam :})

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Thank you:)

Dec 13, 1999, 4:49pm
AW (Active Worlds) is practically my REAL family too...and most of my family
lives within a hundred miles of me. I LOVE my AW family. I hope LOTS more of
our family goes to Alpha's Get Well area and makes cards. And here's one for
you (((AlphaBitPhalpha)))
Your virtual sis,
Trexter Ziam

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48 Hour Y2K Party!

Dec 31, 1999, 2:35am
Sanctuary - The New Millennium's 48 hour, Y2K party starts in less than 2
hrs. All day VRT on 31st and 1st. It is officially listed on the AWEC Y2K
party roster. Groundbreaking was 3 December 1998; so, this party has been
planned for quite awhile now. Next year's is also in the works hehe!

The official web page is
http://members.xoom.com/tbeabey/AW/Sanctuary/Sanctuary.html There is an
automatic 20 second download of HearMe Voice Chat for those who don't
already have it. For those who do not want it; merely say "NO" and it won't
download. The page has text links to a few pictures of the build.

The coords for this Hi-Res CD build Grand Opening and Y2K party are:
atlantis 1000s 900w Invite your friends and dress casually.

Happy New Year!

Trexter Ziam

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