A Javascript version of the SDK should be a good idea. (Sdk)

A Javascript version of the SDK should be a good idea. // Sdk

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thierry nabeth

Aug 3, 1999, 7:49am

As I was creating the java version of the SDK

it poped me that it should be rather easy to create a Javascript version
of the SDK. (which would provide another script/interpreted language to write
bot applications,
in particular from the non hard-core programmers).

The idea would consist in importing into java (using the sdk), the java version
of javascript. (js.jar).
See more about a java version of the javascript at

Unfortunatly (as I did a few tests) I couldn't manage to make it work.
I am wondering if there are some imcompatibilities with Rhino and VisualAge for
But the idea still sound very good.

If you have any experience using javascript from inside java,
(or would be interested in doing this javascript version :-))
let me know,...


Thierry Nabeth

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