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mpl knight

Sep 8, 2005, 7:19am
Ok, here's an idea that may prove to be useful.

The largest concern about user generated content is profanity in various
forms, correct?

And there are GKs and PKs all over the universe to keep us all in check...
but sometimes we get out of hand even under threat of ejection or

So what if:

Right Click -> Ignore

It's one thing to ignore people's chat, another to ignore voice chat, but
the avatar itself could be host to profanity or undesirable stuff... (Custom
AV 4.1)

So individually right click that user out of existance.

There - no words, no voice, no body. single click solution :)

the ability to totally Ignore somebody in all fashions, as if they didn't
exist :)

Solves many things... of course this could be extended to their builds as
well... so if i choose to ignore you in complete, then anything you build
would not popup either, but the land that you cover would have a flat cover
over it and your name as a tag.

If enough people ignore your stupidity and vulgarity, you eventaully, truly
disappear :)

Darian Knight


Sep 8, 2005, 7:20pm
Interesting concept, except what if you want to bring them back to appear
and what if they are a Tourist? That would mean you couldn't have them on
your Contact List to change this back to appear and if they are disappeared
completely, there would be nothing left to click to bring them back.


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Sep 8, 2005, 7:32pm
I guess there would have to be a server-side list for each person, even
tourists, of people they set to invisible.
Another problem though is, if you set a person to completely invisible, they
have the advantage of spying on you without you knowing they are there
listening. They would need to make it so they couldn't listen to you too. A
little too wild of a system for my taste.


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strike rapier

Sep 9, 2005, 4:37am
[View Quote] > It's one thing to ignore people's chat, another to ignore voice chat, but
> the avatar itself could be host to profanity or undesirable stuff...
> (Custom
> AV 4.1)

Probably a better idea to know what is actually going on rather that
guestemating, more so when there are others who do.

- Mark Randall

"Those people that think they know everything are a great annoyance to those
of us who do"
Isaac Asimov

mpl knight

Sep 12, 2005, 4:30pm
Hmm.. never thought about killing a tourist with Invisible. Lol... It was
late at night and i was tired :) At least you guys killed the idea before it
made too much sense to me...

Oh, and Strike... since you are standing on the soapbox, lets take a tour of
the AW browser, shall we? Others who are reading this are welcome to follow
along as well :)

The following options are located in the AW Message Set as of recent build:


So, Strike - whether or not you are using 4.1 and beta testing, these
options are are already geared up for inclusion. Whether or not they are in
4.1 is to be debated, but there is the options located in the new message
set in order to use them in the toolbar.

As for Custom Avatars - I would think that Mr Potato head Style is more
likely - though have heard about this from AW as a possibility. (not
confirmed, but still possible)

And the Mover Command is server side allowing for vehicles of many shapes
and styles. Would think that since a Mover can have your avatar "SIT" on the
seat to drive it, it wouldn't be so hard to include that into a couch as a
command or something.

Fullscreen was already done by Chris for his own personal benefit, he did
this while doing the Streaming Media stuff to demo to AW for inclusion. So
while Fullscreen is up in the air, it *has* been done already for AW.

And whilst we are on the subject - some of us are more in the know than
others :) I helped Chris Murwald test Plastic Planet 3D and suggest features
*way* before AW decided to contract him. And *knowing* what was already in
PP3D before he went to AW, We've been able to just about figure out what was
naturally going into AW via cut, copy & paste from existing PP3D code.

Let's do a breakdown, shall we?

Anyone interested in following along - open this file in notepad:

c: Active Worlds/Messages/Default.awm

Do a Find for the following text: VoIP

and you get thus:
# VoIP text for items

1205 Private
1206 Conference
1207 Broadcast
1208 Broadcast All
1209 Moderated
1210 Hands Free
1211 Stop
1215 You are a Moderator
1236 Conference
1237 Lecture
1241 Clear all Responses
1252 Mute other sounds

# VoIP popup menu

1216 Mute
1217 Ring
1218 Raise Hand
1219 Deny Request to talk
1220 Reset Requests
1221 Grant talk rights
1222 Revoke talk rights
1223 Positive Feedback
1224 Clear Responses
1225 Lower all Hands
1229 Response
1230 Request private chat
1231 User %s would like to enter private voice chat with you.
1232 Request Accepted. You are now in private chat with %s.
1233 From: %s "Sorry I can't talk right now."
1234 Private Chat Request
1235 End private chat

# Vote toolbar buttons

1212 Vote Yes
1213 Vote No

I don't think this is really "guesstimating", Strike.

So I *know* from the evidence what is likely to show up... VoIP, Vote and

Of course, we *guesstimated* that Streaming Media would show up in the
browser the day that AW contracted Chris, because he already had it in
PP3D... guess we were right?

And seeing as PP3D already had an ActiveX embed, we also guesstimated that
indeed, AW would end up with something similar. About a few months later, it
did and our company uses it on the website

What else did PP3D have before AW contracted Chris Murwald?

Fullscreen|Windowed Toggle
3D Emoticons (My Idea)

So... seeing as the code already exists in the form of PP3D, I cannot say
that it is so ridiculous after all to *guess* that these will eventually be
ported to AW. But then again it all comes down to whether or not AW likes
these ideas... So far though... the porting process seems to be on track.

Viva La Guesstimation!

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mpl knight

Sep 12, 2005, 9:27pm
Just thought of something... hey Strike - did you post in the area
Expressive Avatars?

Cause i could have sworn i read this:

[View Quote] Looks like the words "Personal Avatars" in conjunction with "4.1"

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strike rapier

Sep 13, 2005, 5:13am
PAV's are avatars hosted by AWI on the universe object path, you pay for the
hosting of it, and can use it in PAV enabled worlds.

- Mark Randall

"Those people that think they know everything are a great annoyance to those
of us who do"
Isaac Asimov
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strike rapier

Sep 13, 2005, 5:17am

VoIP has been in the browser since 3.5 or 3.6, I forget. It simply hasent
been enabled in the AW browser, just in ones like AWEdu etc. You are simply
repeating what people have said before, most of the 4.1 feature set is known
to practically everyone after someone put the docs in too-obvious a place,
some of it is even on

- Mark Randall

"Those people that think they know everything are a great annoyance to those
of us who do"
Isaac Asimov

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mpl knight

Jan 31, 2006, 3:24am
Are you still here?

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