Smoothly Rotational Time of day (Wishlist)

Smoothly Rotational Time of day // Wishlist

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Jul 25, 2005, 7:21pm
I noticed some worlds are using a bot to change world attributes from night
to day, and many stages inbetween, and AWGate even has one that updates the
light direction every 10 seconds! But I think it would be really cool to be
able to set up "flowing" time, so the sun moves smoothly as if it's a
rotating object with a corona on it, for example. It could be done like
this: Have "setpoints" to manually set up things like light direction,
direction texture, size, colours (anything to do with lighting) and then the
browser can calculate everything inbetween and slowly shade the sky colours
and move the sun. The setpoints idea would be particularly useful for going
from Night to Day (because the light texture would change, and possibly from
clouds to stars). I think this would really improve the activeworlds
technology and take it to a whole different level.

Please provide some feedback for me ;)



Jul 25, 2005, 7:33pm
One more thing...

This should also have a place to enter how long each full "rotation" lasts.
So for real-time it would be 24 hours. If you wanted a full day/night cycle
to last for 1 hour, then it would be 1.
(Again, please give me some feedback on this ;) )


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the derek

Jul 25, 2005, 8:53pm
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