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nick danger

Mar 3, 1999, 6:09am
By now everybody has figured out that this attribute
doesn't tell anybody anything they can't learn by
poking around in the aw\cache directory.

So let's have it implemented fully. To see a nifty
thing that can be done with it, see the screen shot of
my bot program at

See that neat list of avatars? That's because my own
world sends the OBJECT_PATH attribute, which makes it
easy to go look in the cache for the avatars.dat file.
All the worlds that don't set that attribute leave me
with Avatar 1, Avatar 2, and so on... which is no fun.

I do not want to spend the time to walk the cache
directory tree looking for the avatars.dat file for
every world my bot lands on, although that is possible.
It would be much easier if we all stopped pretending that
hiding the object path from the SDK is keeping anything
secret. It isn't. So let's have thus useful feature
turned on.

My .02

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