Terrain ownership system (Wishlist)

Terrain ownership system // Wishlist

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Nov 3, 2002, 5:58pm
Terrain ownership system would act very much like the object ownership system:

- Terrain cells would be owned by a specific citizen number (default would be the world owner, of course)

- Citizens can edit and select terrain only if they have eminent domain in the world or if they own the terrain cell(s)

- Terrain cells can only be given away by citizens with ED

- Terrain cells that belong to another citizen may only be changed by citizens with ED

In this way, a terrain editing right shouldn't need to be added to the world rights dialog box. Bots such as Demeter are nice and all, but they get rather tiresome after a while. If this idea or some variant of it was implemented, a bot would only have to change the ownership of a specified area of terrain in order to allow public use of terrain.

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