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Re: Worlds not showing on list // Wishlist

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Mar 5, 2001, 4:02pm
not necessarily.

if the origional design said, max 8k or limit 750 then it may be a design
feature but it doesnt mean its broken, in fact if they DID show up it would
be broken. Agreed, its not the best feature, but it could be, and by all
means it should be looked at.

However, I doubt whether any of us KNOW what the situation should be, so at
this stage it cannot be defined as broken, just a problem that may be doing
what was origionally designed.

So easy to scream broken when in actual fact it could be doing the right


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> If there are worlds not showing up, it's broken. And therefore it can be
> fixed (by making those worlds show up).
> rolu

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