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Jun 17, 2000, 6:45pm
Well as I was using Internet Explorer and put it on Fullscreen mode I
realized that the same concept that Internet Explorer uses could be
implemented on AW Browser as well. The menus could slide down when ever
needed and hide when not in use. Also the chat screen could be a
perhaps transparent like on some games so you dont loose complete sight
of whats there. Or they could use voice talking technology as well...
Well thats the idea, I hope they use it someday ;-)


Jun 17, 2000, 9:01pm
I like that idea, especially the one about the transparent chat window.
They would have to restyle it, but it would be better.

The idea about the voice chat implement would be nice if it had some way of
determining who to listen to. Example: at the crowded GZ's of AW and
AWGate, if it just played one voice at a time it would be impossible to
carry on a conversation. Maybe if you moved the cursor over the person you
wanted to listen to, or if you faced that person, it would make you focus
your attention on that person by tuning out all of the other voices like we
do when we talk among a large group.

Just my ideas.

-Mike Nelson-
AW Cit BirdMike (292200)
Owner of AW Worlds A-Build & A-Centre

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