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Object Submissions // Wishlist

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goober king

May 30, 2000, 11:29am
In light of Just In's generous donation of objects to AW, and now Event
Horizon's furniture petition, I would like to make a proposal. (Yeah,
I'm cross-posting. Seems to be the only way to get COF's attention
around here anymore. Sue.)

I believe that COF should write up some guidelines so that anyone who
wants to donate objects to the AW (or any other COF-owned public
building world) object server can. Considering that COF's object-making
staff is rather... limited, I would think this would lift a major burden
of their shoulders. Just set up a simple list of rules as to what kind
of objects to accept (i.e. No obscene objects, have to be certain
dimensions, etc) and a person to email them to, and bingo! You'll have
one of the best object libraries anywhere! And you could even do the
same thing for textures!

Heck, the only downside that was pointed out to me about this idea is
that there could be potential legal issues with copywrited objects.
However, I perceive those to be few and far between, and even then it
would only be between the creator of the object, and whoever it was that
stole it and submitted it as their own.

So, I *implore* COF to give some consideration to this idea. If you
don't think it's a good idea, then at least say why. Either that, or
start getting some more staff. Otherwise AW will be going nowhere fast.
Goober King
Just waiting to submit his objects...

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