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Online Status Indicators // Wishlist

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Jan 26, 2000, 12:18am
I wish that Active Worlds would have a function like that of ICQ, which
indicates whether the user is Free, Busy, Away From Keyboard, Privacy
(Invisible), Not Available, etc.

In other words, some sort of indicator of the online status of those on the
Contacts List. It would make things much easier, because sometimes I will
leave the computer to get something, get side-tracked, and when I finally
return to the computer have multitudes of telegrams saying "Hi!" "Why won't
you let me join you?" "Are you there?"

This may be asking too much, but it is my wish!

-Mike Nelson-

midnight thunder

Jan 26, 2000, 8:40pm
Hey! I really like that idea! I go AFK quite a bit and that would be a real
lifesaver =)

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