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lord of realms

Dec 23, 1998, 8:17pm
I Have A Few Idea's For SDK Bots, I Was Wondering if anyone could make me
them or use my ideas. if you use my idea's all i ask in return is a copy of
the bots with a star beside them (Most of them)

******Note: These Bots May Need A Program To Convert From HamBot Format to

*Ejector Bot: Ejects Anyone Who Uses The Specified Words or
Scrolls Constantly (Eject Times For Each offence specified by

*World Wide DJBot: Plays The Music in the music URL list through
whole world it is used in

Ground Cover Bot: Create Ground Cover of The Specified Object In The
Specified Size of an Area

*Builder Bot: Creates A Building of Specified Size, Stories, Rooms Per
Story, Texture, Windows Per Room, Doors At Enterance of Room Ect ect

*Chat-R Bot: Records All Chat In Specified World(s) to a simple text

*Multi-User Bot: Bot Who Is Created In HamBot, Converted to SDK,
and can be used by more than 1 person at a time

*EjectorBot2: Makes It So That Each Time a Specified Citnum Enters The World
It Ejects Them For A Week Until Deactivated or Citnum is removed from list
(For Those Who Cannot Be Ejected or Pernament Ejections)

*Blimp Bot: Bot Which Is Created In HamBot, Converted to SDK, and can be
used by multi users, but circles the specified coordinates
and does not move from there when being used.

? Bot: Answers Questions Specified in Database when they are asked
(Note: DataBase Will Be Hard To Create)

lord of realms

Dec 23, 1998, 8:42pm
Oh, and my email address is SDK at


Dec 30, 1998, 2:15am
Most of those are fairly easy to write. Most of which I've already done
myself. Except for the building bot, which sounds horrendously
complicated, and the hambot converter. I can manually convert bots from
hambot to SDK, but don't have a prog to do it for you...

[View Quote] > Oh, and my email address is SDK at

lord of realms

Dec 30, 1998, 3:36pm
Ok, they may be easy, but i can barely program in VB let alone even begin to
program in C++ and i am to lazy to learn hehehe and i have not be a cent to
my name. an yes, the building bot would be VERY good, but the hardest to
really make along with the HAMBOT 2 SDK converter. thanks anyways. Oh and i
have a PS8 XE world, right now it is called SNGland, soon it will be A'Build
and mabye after sugust it will be a PS16, if you need to test SDK bots, test
them in my world when it has the new name, because then it may attract too
much attention being public build and all.

If anyone would like to donate SDK bots to me, send em to SDK at
sorry, but the only payment you probely would get is my gratitude.

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lord of realms

Feb 23, 1999, 10:32pm
Ok... Update on that info hehehe.

It will be called A!AWFUN! and that will be after we renew it and then
upgrade it.

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SNGland Owner
1800SNGLAND at

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