My better AW Wish (Wishlist)

My better AW Wish // Wishlist

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midnight thunder

Dec 24, 1999, 3:19pm
I know this is impossible, but instead of being able to block tgrams and
mute people etc, I wish we could all get along all the time. This goes for
the real world as well. I wish that all of you have a merry Christmas, and a
happy new year.

MidNight Thunder
CareTaker of NightWorld (freaks4u on the worlds list)
Wishing all of you happy holidays.

sir bok

Dec 25, 1999, 3:41am
ill second that motion, happiness and pease, thats what the world needs!!

Merry Christmas To All my friends and even to those I dont know!!

Sir Bok
caretaker of GoHere
gmoffett at

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