Re: Modular Ground (Wishlist)

Re: Modular Ground // Wishlist

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Sep 25, 1998, 9:46pm
this is more for wishlist than worldbuilders... but can we have seperate
color specifications for above and below the backdrop? There are very few
designs that blend in adequatly with a single color.


[View Quote] > sure sure.. I understand why you want to get away from that boring flat
> ground. its just a personal thing I guess, but I really hate seeing the
> background color below the backdrop. it looks kinda goofy and it makes
> the world seem a bit unfinished. thats the only reason I keep a flat
> ground object on Cyberia. now, if you were to come up with a way to hide
> that glaring color from showing thru.. well, that would be just
> wonderful..
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