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Re: Building Restiction Box needed // Wishlist

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Sep 23, 1998, 7:25pm
In one world, I experimented by shrinking everything by 1/4. Worked pretty well, except
that now 1 click=2m... made building a PITA for tight things ;-) But if you want to get a
childs-eye-view, try wearing birde :-)


[View Quote] > I'm surprised that no one has suggested lowering the 'view point' by 1/2 or even
> 2/3s... It's a given that a 'babies' view of the world is it's much larger then it is
> for a grownup... AND if there were no 'grownup Avatars' to contradict this viewpoint
> then infact one's world would be expanded (would it not)...
> Has anyone played around with lowering the level at which we see... (I know it was done
> by COF (Worlds?) at least once)... Obviously a smaller Avatar would be needed too or
> we'd be doing 'The Land of the Giants'. (which is another idea... two or three complete
> sets/sizes of avatars... (I read a book once where a complete Universe was housed in a
> box... think of the possibilities (how small could an Avatar be and still 'work' as
> they do now...)). Now wee Susie can actually have her very own anatomically correct
> (Avatar) doll...). Then start reworking the objects to 1/2 size. altho' most building
> blocks could(?) remain the same... only the personal items and 'living things' would
> have to be redone... (chairs, beer mugs, toilets, trees, bushes etc)
> Of course it could be just as interesting 'lifting' the viewpoint to one where only one
> building would fill the whole world... BUT with custom objects what a building it could
> be...
> Anyway... As I'v still not been able to find the time to work on my world I thot' I'd
> throw these ideas into the hat... There may actually be something that would prohibit
> doing this... (aside from COF's predetermined default (it has to be 'something')) but
> it may be interesting to play around with (assuming one has this option as a world
> owner... if not maybe it could be on the Wish List... instead of buying a larger world
> one could opt for smaller Avatars...)
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