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Uniserver Mirroring // Wishlist

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Jun 25, 1998, 6:48am
I try not to cross post much, but since this one looked like it would have
been good to have in WishList, I decided to add one more newsgroup and cross
post it as a reply. The original message was a reply in a thread titled
"AW downtime tomorrow" and was cross posted to awcommunity and


The original message follows:

[View Quote] This way people already in the universe could still be there without
"waiting for server" and people doing live demoing would feel safer about


Roland Vilett <roland at lmi.net> wrote in article <35919d4f.0 at homer>...
> Oops! You are right...I just came back in to post a correction but you
beat me to it!
> The downtime will be at 11 AM Pacific, that's 2 PM Eastern, 4 PM VRT, and
> Sorry about that.
> Have fun with Windows 98!
> -Roland

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