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May 20, 1998, 1:46pm
I know this is probably VERY unreasonable, but I thought I would finally
mention it anyway...
Since there are so many languages spoken in ActiveWorlds, and so few of us
know more than one or two of them, I have always thought that it would be
very nice to be able to train AW to give "hints" when it sees what it has
been told is a foreign word. In other words, for example and English
speaking person may attach the word "dance" to the word "bailas" (or better
yet, to the prefix "baila-" as a hint, so that is a spanish speaking person
was to ask the English speaking person to dance with them, they would have
some kind of clue what was being said. I'm not sure where these hints
should be displayed, or how to tell AW which language to target as the
destination language, or for that matter, how to handle words with multiple
meanings in one or more languages... but in one form or another it would
still be nice to see, and perhaps by suggesting it in this newsgroup some
good comments might come up to help refine it into something that could
actually happen.


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