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roland vilett

Apr 25, 1998, 9:59pm
Not a bad idea...except the whole "tag" thing would probably just be
redundant. Why not just create a search engine that searched based on the
contents of all "description" fields? All you'd have to do is put the
description "Jdal's place" on an object, and then a search for "Jdal" would
turn it up.

A search engine that allowed you to search the entire world, better yet the
entire AW universe, would be a very powerful tool. Protag proposed such a
thing long ago. It would not be extremely difficult to create a bot based
on the AW client/server communication code that roamed around the entire AW
universe (except for closed worlds of course) looking for objects with
"Description" fields on them and building up an index. Then you could go to
a web page, type in what to search for, maybe allow ways to restrict your
search (e.g. look in one world, or several worlds, or the whole universe)
and the output would be a bunch of AW teleport URLs to all matching objects
found. Pretty simple!

Conceivably you could also search by owner name or number to help people
locate their lost property, a frequent problem in AlphaWorld...

This whole idea ties in somewhat with another ongoing discussion about the
"world list" and how it's getting too long and whether or not it should be
broken down into categories. A common complaint is that it's getting
difficult to know which world are about what, and finding worlds about a
particular theme is becoming impossible. It seems like the above search
engine idea might go part of the way towards addressing these problems.
Instead of hunting around through a list of hundreds or thousands of worlds,
just type in what you are looking for into the world search engine. I know
not everyone is a big fan of search engines, but again if they are done well
and their coverage is complete they can be very powerful tools.


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