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Apr 25, 1998, 2:34am
High Speed Panning is in the Perfomance tab of Options --> Settings if you
want to turn it on. As for the idea of adjusting your step size based on
your frame rate, that's an interesting prospect, however you should keep in
mind that a straight forward calculation as you've just described would be
devistating to slow computers, and although adding limits to the extremes
would solve part of the problem, it would still most likely be necessary to
make the changes based on a curve rather than a straight division. For
example, when my frame rete falls below 0.1 (which it often does) it would
not be all that unlikely for me to end up lost in one step if I was to move
(blindly) at a speed that is acceptable for someone getting over 60 frames
per second. It would however be nice to eventually see more options added
to allow control over walking speed.... for example, a slider bar could be
added to the performance tab ranging perhaps from "stroll" to "race" or
something like that. (The somewhat ambiguous names being chosen over
numbers here due to the fact that they would have different results on
different systems.)


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