Re: Roland, ya gotta check this out! (Was: Re: CPU) (Sdk)

Re: Roland, ya gotta check this out! (Was: Re: CPU) // Sdk

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Nov 26, 1998, 2:40am
Until the bots or whatever are packaged into a user friendly system that ANYBODY
can use, I don't see how they will be such an improvement. The heart of a
good program is user friendliness as well as power.

When will this stuff be available for code illiterate people?

[View Quote] > alot of people say that aw is not moving along very fast...I don't think
> that those people really see the possibilities of the will now move
> as fast as everyone building sdk apps can put them out...for a preview swing
> by awgames and see for yourself...and anyone who builds cool bots should
> post them here or in worldbuilders so we can all see how aw is changing
> every day :)
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