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tony m

Nov 8, 2003, 2:27am
Not many bug reports have come in for ChatRelayBot 2.1-BETA for the latest build. Bugzilla was temporarily broken, but has been fixed since the beginning of this month. If you're experiencing any problems, or have suggestions to make, please use the Bugzilla system. [ ]

Version 2.1 is expected to enter Release Candidate phase this Sunday (Nov. 9), unless major bugs are discovered. This is the last planned version in the 2.x series.

Version 3.0 is in simultaneous development with 2.1; it is a complete rewrite of the CRB core in standard C++. Feature suggestions for 3.0 are welcome (as they are also welcome for 2.1!)

It is being considered for version 3.0 to not include the "distance-relay" (i.e., non hide chat) mode. If there is still demand for this relay mode, please tell me now, before 3.0 goes near beta stage :)

Also, please ensure that you report any problems with 2.1-BETA before it enters Release Candidate phase. I'd like to iron out any major problems before closing out 2.x :)

Tony M.

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