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baron sweetman

May 26, 2003, 7:17pm
I got the taste for coding again (phew :) For all those interested in
attributing ideas please let me know via my email addy petrossa at
Presently i am working on adding many database search/editing/deleting
functions. My present effort is geared towards easing the purging of
redundant entries in the user database (based on several queries),
building a customizeable database interface,allowing the enduser to
fully customize most database interface screens to the level of
adding/editing/deleting displayed fields on every database UI.

Also i am very interested in any effort anyone is prepared to make in
cleaning up the Interworld/Universe relay part of the bot.

As a reminder: Chazbot through a TCP/IP mechanism allows all Chazbot's
anywhere to interconnect and in so doing allows any world in any
universe which supports Chazbot to relay local chat,global chat, whisper
and remote control to any other Chazbot depending on the userlevel as
defined by the target Chazbot instance.

Chazbot doesnt require any separate instance for doing this, if you run
Chazbot as a Gatekeeper you can implement relaying without needing a
separate bot instance. Same goes for the Greeter, Weather, Touring and
Lighting bot

They are all run through 1 bot instance thereby relieving the bot load
on your world. Needless to say if you activate all functions
Chazbot does put a big drain on your puter's resources....

Chazbot can also be run as a multi-user bot, meaning that Chazbot can
keep track of all entries in any world/universe, tracking any name
people use. The only restriction now is that Chazbot can not keep track
of world names spread about diverse universes. So if there is a world
NUDNIK in universe AW and a world NUDNIK in universe CW Chazbot cant
keep track of the same name through the worlds. To it NUDNIK is NUDNIK
regardless of universe and it will divert all relays to the first
instance of NUDNIK it finds.

This is not a software limitation but an imposed limitation by me to
keep a balance between speed and accountability.

Depending on demand i can add an AI type of chatbot, an IRQ interface or
a Babelfish interface so AW chat gets rerouted through a translator
Obviously results will depend heavily on the translator engine selected.

This is just a general view of possibilites, if you have any kind of
wish let me know...


May 27, 2003, 6:51pm
I like the translator bot idea.


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