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Nov 7, 2004, 8:43pm
With relation to installing a new graphics card in a machine you have
just bought there is one thing you should always be aware of. It is
common practice these days to purchase a warranty along with a new
machine. Most warranties are invalidated by performing upgrades to the
machine yourself or by having anyone else do it for you who isn't
approved by the warranty supplier :)

[View Quote] >Unless they give her a compensation discount for the salesman practically
>lieing, a computer with a real graphic card is going to cost more...a lot
>more considering it's retail and assembled. Get a price check of a new
>graphic card you want to buy, and whatever the difference is in the price of
>the new computer they offer you. They aren't hard to install. You can find
>do-it-yourself instructions all over the place, some in video format even.

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