need help with saving/loading ini and chat box... (Sdk)

need help with saving/loading ini and chat box... // Sdk

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Mar 18, 2002, 6:41am
im wondering if someone can tell me how i can make my bot i made in visual
basic save log-in and other configurations to a .ini and how to load it

also can someone tell me how to make a chat box with green CA messages,
grey tourist messages, and bold CT messages...


zeo toxion

Mar 18, 2002, 10:32am
I've included a very simple ini module. It's just one funtion for saving to
an ini and one to read from it.

For colored chat youd need to use a richtext box which you can find in
the....compents (?) menu. Its called RichText box or something of that
nature and it looks like a textbox but you can change colors and fonts and
all that junk. I've never actually used it so don't ask me how to ACUTALLY
change colors on it.


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begin 666 ini.bas
M071T<FEB=71E(%9"7TYA;64 at /2 B24Y)( at T*3W!T:6]N($5X<&QI8VET#0H-
M"E!R:79A=&4 at 1&5C;&%R92!&=6YC=&EO;B!'9710<FEV871E4')O9FEL95-T
M<FEN9R!,:6( at (FME<FYE;#,R(B!!;&EA<R B1V5T4')I=F%T95!R;V9I;&53
M=')I;F=!(B H0GE686P at ;'!!<'!L:6-A=&EO;DYA;64 at 07, at 4W1R:6YG+"!"
M>59A;"!L<$ME>4YA;64 at 07, at 06YY+"!">59A;"!L<$1E9F%U;'0 at 07, at 4W1R
M:6YG+"!">59A;"!L<%)E='5R;F5D4W1R:6YG($%S(%-T<FEN9RP at 0GE686P at
M;E-I>F4 at 07, at 3&]N9RP at 0GE686P at ;'!&:6QE3F%M92!!<R!3=')I;F<I($%S
M($QO;F<-"E!R:79A=&4 at 1&5C;&%R92!&=6YC=&EO;B!7<FET95!R:79A=&50
M<F]F:6QE4W1R:6YG($QI8B B:V5R;F5L,S(B($%L:6%S(")7<FET95!R:79A
M=&50<F]F:6QE4W1R:6YG02( at *$)Y5F%L(&QP07!P;&EC871I;VY.86UE($%S
M(%-T<FEN9RP at 0GE686P at ;'!+97E.86UE($%S($%N>2P at 0GE686P at ;'!3=')I
M;F< at 07, at 06YY+"!">59A;"!L<$9I;&5.86UE($%S(%-T<FEN9RD at 07, at 3&]N
M9PT*#0HG($9U;F-T:6]N<PT*1G5N8W1I;VX at 1V5T1G)O;4E.22AS4V5C=&EO
M;B!!<R!3=')I;F<L('-+97D at 07, at 4W1R:6YG+"!S1&5F875L="!!<R!3=')I
M;F<L('-);FE&:6QE($%S(%-T<FEN9RD-"B at ("!$:6T at <T)U9F9E<B!!<R!3
M=')I;F<L(&Q2970 at 07, at 3&]N9PT*(" at ("< at 1FEL;"!3=')I;F< at =VET:" R
M-34 at <W!A8V5S#0H at (" at <T)U9F9E<B ](%-T<FEN9R0H,C4U+" P*0T*(" at
M("< at 0V%L;"!$3$P-"B at ("!L4F5T(#T at 1V5T4')I=F%T95!R;V9I;&53=')I
M('-);FE&:6QE*0T*(" at ($EF(&Q2970 at /2 P(%1H96X-"B at (" at (" at )R!$
M3$P at 9F%I;&5D+"!S879E(&1E9F%U;'0-"B at (" at (" at 268 at <T1E9F%U;'0 at
M/#X at (B( at 5&AE;B!!9&14;TE.22!S4V5C=&EO;BP at <TME>2P at <T1E9F%U;'0L
M('-);FE&:6QE#0H at (" at (" at ($=E=$9R;VU)3DD at /2!S1&5F875L= T*(" at
M($5L<V4-"B at (" at (" at )R!$3$P at <W5C8V5S<V9U; T*(" at (" at (" G(')E
M='5R;B!S=')I;F<-"B at (" at (" at 1V5T1G)O;4E.22 ]($QE9G0H<T)U9F9E
M<BP at 26Y3='(H<T)U9F9E<BP at 0VAR*# I*2 M(#$I#0H at (" at 16YD($EF#0I%
M;F0 at 1G5N8W1I;VX-" at T*)R!2971U<FYS(%1R=64 at :68 at <W5C8V5S<V9U;"X at
M268 at <V5C=&EO;B!D;V5S(&YO= T*)R!E>&ES="!I="!C<F5A=&5S(&ET+ at T*
M1G5N8W1I;VX at 061D5&])3DDH<U-E8W1I;VX at 07, at 4W1R:6YG+"!S2V5Y($%S
M(%-T<FEN9RP at <U9A;'5E($%S(%-T<FEN9RP at <TEN:49I;&4 at 07, at 4W1R:6YG
M*2!!<R!";V]L96%N#0H at (" at 1&EM(&Q2970 at 07, at 3&]N9PT*(" at ("< at 0V%L
M;"!$3$P-"B at ("!L4F5T(#T at 5W)I=&50<FEV871E4')O9FEL95-T<FEN9RAS
M4V5C=&EO;BP at <TME>2P at <U9A;'5E+"!S26YI1FEL92D-"B at ("!!9&14;TE.
at 22 ]("AL4F5T*0T*16YD($9U;F-T:6]N#0H-" at T*#0H`


Mar 19, 2002, 4:21am
ok thanks for ini thing.. and i am and been using a richtext box. so if
anyone knows how to have diffrent colors for diffrent text please let me


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Mar 19, 2002, 3:00pm
look in the MSDN library (got reference of all MS controls:


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