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May 26, 2004, 6:12pm
Well it's hell of a hard effort to believe anything AlaskanShadow has to
say...since she/he slams anyone that don't kiss her/his ass; that they are
stupid, immature, a prick, and needs to get a life. If she'd/he'd stop being
an egotisical bitch for 99.9% of the time, we might take her/him seriousily.
Casey and I muted her/him, because we're tired of the same old crap. It's
NOT because we're defending Seiya. She/he bashes Seiya repeatedly ... and
enjoys it. And maybe Seiya even enjoys it. We don't know Seiya, nor have
friends who know Seiya. So why should we go on someone's accusations
(especially someone who was buddies with M A T T until he got caught) ,
simply because we are 'told' to?
AlaskanShadow stuck her/his nose in where it didn't belong saying she/he was
just defending someone concerning the situation between Casey and Elyk
awhile back. That was between Casey and Elyk. Which was straightened out
later, and Casey and Elyk ARE AWfriends . AlaskanShadow accuses us randomly
flaming people. She/he doesn't even know what the f*ck she/he's talking
about to begin with.
As for Casey being dumb? hahaha She graduated from NotreDame University. I
won't go into much personal detail, but she volunteers her spare time to
being a big sister, and belongs to a group that picks up stray animals to
either hopefully return them to their owners or find a new home...and the
church she belongs to, her and five other ladies twice a month visit nursing
As for myself: i work 10 hours a day 5 days a week, am professionally
employed as a computer programmer. I also have the loving support of RL
family and friends. I have RL interests and hobbies. I am a homeowner and
actively involved in my RL community.
Being online for the both of us, is just another way to meet new friends and
to have fun. It ceases to be fun in AW when a person is attacked
by another constantly or over something that happened long ago...especially
when AWI doesn't give a damn.

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