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Offline building

Oct 21, 1998, 3:36pm
That makes no sense whatsoever. There is no reason why my suggested solution
would result in land being used up faster than in the current scenario. I
suggested using a quota, not immediately reserving each persons quota of land
when they joined, if that was your misunderstanding.

The only way the current situation may have less land use than in my suggested
scenario, is through people being discouraged from building by the tedium of
having to do it by hand. And I don't see that as a desireable thing.

[View Quote] > cause that way, the far future citizens won't get any space to build on, or,
> they will have to delete the old citizen buildings wich i wou'd not want
> either of them.
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the rest of 3D

Oct 9, 1998, 9:40pm
[View Quote] > I spoke to Roland about it Many Moons Ago (I forget how lond ago) and he
> said that it wouls take quite a bit more than just a simple rewrite. He
> said it would take a major overhaul of the basic framework of the whole
> code. He said that Worlds Inc. never foresaw the need for such a function,
> so didn't make the code flexible enough to incorporate it.

That's a great pity, because it is also a very BIG, very general limitation.
Having rotation on all axes would open up a lot of new possibilies. For
example, right now you could not make a very convincing Outerspace World,
because up and down are so very hardwired into the world. You could do some
very cool Escher-eque things if you had that kind of control (think of the
drawing with the stairs going every which way). I can forsee a lot of
animations one might want to be able to do so simulate realistic actions, or
the effects new interactions (for example a collision that knocks something
over), that will not be possible without real 3D rotational capabilities. (I'm
thinking ahead here).

grid control

Oct 9, 1998, 9:26pm
[View Quote] [View Quote] You're right, I missed the shift thing! This helps a lot, though some kind of more
specific grid control such as many
graphics editors have might still be a bad idea...

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