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Offline building

Oct 11, 1998, 2:08am
[View Quote] Personally, I think banning autobuilding is a bad solution to the
land-hogger problem.
Why doesn't each person just start out with a quota of how much land they
can use? Something large enough for 95% of the people. Those who want more
have to fill what they have to demonstrate they are going to put it to some
reasonable purpose (i.e. at least make the attempt to build something
credible, not just an expanse of the same square) before they are granted a
larger amount.

the rest of 3D

Oct 8, 1998, 1:02am
Aw gives us something like 2.8D, howabout the other .2D? ;)
It would be nice to be able to rotate objects around the 3rd axis.

grid control

Oct 8, 1998, 1:04am
There seems to be some kind of "snap to grid" happening, but it would be
nice to be able to turn it on and off and/or control it. I'm pretty sure
once or twice I've somehow gotten a copy of an object "off the grid" that my
other objects were on, and could never get it to exactly line up with them
again (each tick of movement either left a significant gap or overlap).

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