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Off World in Alpha
31550n 31555e


Years into the future an inhabited planet was bombarded with radiation as a red dwarf shifted its orbit and left the planets to die.

Off World's atmosphere was destroyed by the change, and all the native creatures became extinct. The galaxy government decided to send in a team to occupy the planet because of it invaluable position for the military.

A team was formed, Commander tunablues was the first assigned and would be in charge of acquiring proper terrain and setting up the local forces, Commander Redoubt was assigned as head engineer, and Doctor Dreamer2 was assigned to setup up teleports and handle all communications.

The team arrived on the planet 10/29/04 to begin the operation. The directive was to setup a mining operation for water, minerals, and concentrated oxygen. The directive also included manufacturing facilities for mobile cars, planetary ships, and galactic cruisers with support systems.

Commander tunablues was also directed to form a cargo infrastructure to move supplies throughout the galaxy.
Commander Redoubt commissioned Lt. Commander Lensman to construct the galactic port with a shipyard and to construct the hydroponics station. Commander tunablues commissioned interstellar engineer Pharadon to construct a probe system to gather data from the star system and to advance the communication programs. is a privately held community resource website dedicated to Active Worlds.
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