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Orillia is based on Ontarios town, Well Orillia, Right now, the town is still "beta", but we're working on a apple store, managed by CrystalHood, WE ARE ACCEPTING RESIDENTS! East of square zero, sorta like our ground zero, is the immigration center, where our bot, Sirbrina, Can book you a building lot. But if you just NEED to build right here and now, theres loads and tons of room far out of the reserved land. We have a help bot, for building, her name is Tina. but lets just list our bots and tell you what they do.

Sirbrina runs the immigration center for lots.

Tina is a build helper, she knows alot of textures. and things like pp16w1.rwx

Shay will stop by to build pools once in a wile

And Shiloh is just other things..

Now, APL Hood works at apple, under Crystalhoods control and orillia is not reponsible for it.

Orillia Jumps
^jump sz is Square Zero
^jump orillia is Square zero as well
^jump orillia imi. is the immigration center
and ^jump immigration is the immigration center

Have fun, The Gang at Orillia, Ontario

(i dont know if links work)
Google maps, orillia

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