AWI strikes deal for virtual showroom with Siemens
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Active Worlds, Inc announecs that it has struck a deal with Siemens Electrical Systems to create a virtual representation of one of its showrooms. The virtual world, based around a hospital room, will give doctors the ability to interact in 3D with the equipment.

[quote=Active Worlds, Inc]Housed in the Rooms will be a series of 3D virtual Siemens heart monitors that will have the same functionality as the real monitors.

Doctors will be able to interact online with these monitors for training and testing purposes. Also included in the online environment will be a virtual auditorium that can accommodate 50 training stations, each with a heart monitor for users to practice with, as well as a view of the stage platform where instructors will lead courses over the Internet in real time.

A hospital environment, with a simulated ICU unit taken from actual photographs, with a 3D bed, patient avatar and heart monitor, will also be placed in the same building as the showroom[/quote]


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