AWI forms strategic partnership with BetaSphere
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Active Worlds, Inc has formed a strategic partnership with BetaSphere where Active Worlds users can submit 3D websites to BetaSphere for beta testing and reporting on their performance, navigation etc.

[quote=Active Worlds, Inc]Through this relationship, will enhance its services by incorporating beta testing as part of its product offering. The affiliation will allow customers to submit newly developed 3-D Web sites to BetaSphere evaluators, who in turn provide feedback that helps site developers improve ease of use, performance, and site navigation.[/quote]

It is unknown how much effect the use of BetaSphere had on the development of the platform, if any. Although the motive was clear.

[quote=Rick Noll]By making the user experience more enticing, visually compelling, and fun, Activeworlds is opening the doors to a whole new realm of 3D technology. Activeworlds is changing the way we interact, communicate, and do business on the Internet.[/quote]


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